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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 918B Fillable – Army Pubs 918B PDF – The DA FORM 918B, an essential document titled Amendment to Application and Agreement for Establishment of Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps Unit, plays a crucial role in modifying existing agreements related to the establishment of Army ROTC units. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the form, including its purpose, usage, and significance, ensuring that individuals and institutions are well-informed about its application process and the necessary amendments it entails.

DA FORM 918B – Amendment To Application And Agreement For Establishment Of Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps Unit

Form Number DA Form 918B
Form Title Amendment To Application And Agreement For Establishment Of Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps Unit
Form Date 04/1/2023
Form Proponent G-1

Overview of DA FORM 918B

What is DA FORM 918B?

DA FORM 918B is a standardized form used by the U.S. Army to make amendments to previously submitted applications concerning the establishment or maintenance of an Army ROTC unit. The form was last updated on April 1, 2023, reflecting its current relevance and the ongoing adjustments in ROTC programs.

Importance of the Form

This form is crucial for institutions that already host ROTC units and require updates to their agreements due to changes in program size, structure, or other administrative details. It ensures that all modifications are formally recognized and integrated into the original ROTC establishment agreements, maintaining legal and operational clarity.

Detailed Usage of DA FORM 918B

When to Use the Form

The DA FORM 918B should be used whenever an amendment is needed for an existing ROTC application. Common reasons for amendments include changes in university policies, adjustments in program capacity, or shifts in educational partnership agreements.

How to Fill Out the Form

Filling out the DA FORM 918B requires detailed knowledge of the original agreement and the specific amendments needed. The form should be completed with precise and accurate information to avoid delays or misunderstandings in the approval process. Key sections include identification of the original application, detailed description of the amendments, and formal endorsements from authorized personnel.

The use of DA FORM 918B is governed by Army regulations AR 145-1 and AR 145-2. These documents provide the foundational guidelines for the administration of ROTC units, specifying how applications should be handled and under what circumstances amendments are necessary.

Security and Distribution

The form is classified as UNCLASSIFIED and is approved for public release, with Distribution Unlimited. This accessibility ensures that all parties involved in the management and operation of ROTC units can easily obtain and utilize the form without facing security restrictions.


The DA FORM 918B is a vital document for the continuous update and proper management of Army ROTC units within educational institutions. It allows for a structured and formal process to amend existing agreements, ensuring that ROTC programs remain adaptive and responsive to changes in educational and military landscapes. For institutions looking to amend their ROTC applications, understanding and correctly utilizing this form is essential for maintaining an effective and compliant ROTC program.

By keeping these details in mind, institutions can ensure that their ROTC programs are not only successful but also in line with current military training standards and educational partnerships.

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