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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 78 Fillable – Army Pubs 78 PDF – The path to promotion within the United States Army is a structured and merit-based process, demanding thorough documentation and assessment. DA FORM 78, titled “Recommendation for Promotion to 1LT/CW2,” is a crucial component of this process. This article provides an insightful look into DA FORM 78, detailing its purpose, utilization, and significance in the promotion procedure of Army officers to the ranks of First Lieutenant (1LT) and Chief Warrant Officer 2 (CW2).

DA FORM 78 – Recommendation For Promotion To 1LT/CW2

Form Number DA Form 78
Form Title Recommendation For Promotion To 1LT/CW2
Form Date 11/1/2016
Form Proponent G-1

What Is DA FORM 78?

DA FORM 78 is an official document used by the United States Army for recommending officers for promotion to the next higher rank, specifically to 1LT for commissioned officers and CW2 for warrant officers. Published on November 1, 2016, by the G-1 proponent, the form is a testament to the Army’s commitment to formalizing and streamlining the promotion process, ensuring that only qualified individuals ascend in rank.

Purpose and Utilization

The primary purpose of DA FORM 78 is to assess the eligibility and readiness of an officer for promotion. It serves as a comprehensive evaluation tool, capturing the officer’s achievements, leadership qualities, and overall performance. This assessment is vital for the Army’s leadership to make informed decisions about an officer’s capability to assume greater responsibilities.

Key Components of DA FORM 78

DA FORM 78 requires detailed information about the candidate being recommended for promotion, including personal details, a summary of military qualifications, and an evaluation of leadership capabilities. Importantly, the form is used in conjunction with AR 600-8-29, the Army regulation that prescribes the policies and procedures for officer promotions.

How to Complete DA FORM 78

Completing DA FORM 78 involves a meticulous process where both the recommending official and the officer under consideration must provide accurate and detailed information. The form captures not only the officer’s professional qualifications but also their potential for future service at a higher rank.

Sections of DA FORM 78

  • Officer Information: This section includes basic personal information, current rank, and service details.
  • Qualifications: Details of the officer’s military education, training, and other qualifications are provided here.
  • Recommendation: The recommending official provides their assessment of the officer’s suitability for promotion, including leadership qualities and professional achievements.

Significance of DA FORM 78 in Army Promotions

DA FORM 78 plays a pivotal role in the Army’s promotion process, acting as a bridge between an officer’s current achievements and their potential for future contributions. It ensures that promotions are based on merit, aligning with the Army’s values of honor, integrity, and commitment to excellence.

Benefits of a Structured Promotion Process

  • Transparency: DA FORM 78 provides a clear and standardized method for evaluating officers for promotion, contributing to fairness in the selection process.
  • Merit-based Advancement: Emphasizing an officer’s accomplishments and leadership abilities ensures that the most capable individuals are identified for promotion.
  • Career Development: The form highlights areas of strength and potential improvement, guiding officers in their professional development.


DA FORM 78 – Recommendation for Promotion to 1LT/CW2 is a vital document in the United States Army’s officer promotion process. By providing a structured format for evaluating an officer’s performance and potential, it upholds the principles of merit-based advancement and integrity. Understanding and properly utilizing DA FORM 78 is essential for officers aspiring to higher ranks and for the officials responsible for guiding their careers. As the Army continues to evolve, the importance of such standardized forms in maintaining a highly qualified and capable officer corps cannot be overstated.

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