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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 705-TEST Fillable – Army Pubs 705-TEST PDF – The DA FORM 705-TEST, commonly referred to as the Army Combat Fitness Test Scorecard, is an essential document used by the United States Army to assess and record the physical fitness of its soldiers. This article delves into the significance, structure, and usage of the DA FORM 705-TEST, offering a comprehensive guide for service members and military professionals.

DA FORM 705-TEST – Army Combat Fitness Test Scorecard

Form Number DA Form 705-TEST
Form Title Army Combat Fitness Test Scorecard
Form Date 04/1/2022
Form Proponent TRADOC

What is DA FORM 705-TEST?

DA FORM 705-TEST is the designated scorecard for the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT). It plays a critical role in evaluating the physical readiness of soldiers to perform their duties effectively. Instituted on April 1, 2022, this form is the latest iteration, superseding the previous version from August 1, 2021.

Key Details of the Form

  • Pub/Form Number: DA FORM 705-TEST
  • Pub/Form Date: 04/01/2022
  • Proponent: TRADOC (Training and Doctrine Command)
  • Status: ACTIVE
  • Prescribing Directive: ATP 7-22.01

This form is unclassified and has been approved for public release, with unlimited distribution (Distribution Code A).

Importance of the Army Combat Fitness Test

The ACFT is designed to assess the strength, endurance, and agility of soldiers, reflecting the physical demands they face in military operations. The DA FORM 705-TEST scorecard is pivotal in documenting the performance of each participant across various fitness events, ensuring that all soldiers maintain a minimum standard of fitness essential for combat readiness and operational effectiveness.

Components of the ACFT

The ACFT consists of six events that challenge different aspects of physical fitness:

  1. 3 Repetition Maximum Deadlift
  2. Standing Power Throw
  3. Hand-Release Push-Ups
  4. Sprint-Drag-Carry
  5. Leg Tuck
  6. Two-Mile Run

Each event is scored, and the total points determine the soldier’s overall fitness level.

How to Use DA FORM 705-TEST

DA FORM 705-TEST is filled out during the conduct of the ACFT. Each soldier’s performance scores in the six events are recorded to evaluate their fitness levels. This scorecard is crucial for commanders and trainers to identify strengths and weaknesses in their units and make informed decisions regarding personnel training and development.

Completing the Scorecard

  • Identify: Each soldier’s personal details, including name and rank.
  • Record: Scores for each of the six ACFT events.
  • Calculate: Total score and determine the fitness category of the soldier.

Privacy and Security

The form includes a Privacy Act Statement, ensuring that the personal information of soldiers is handled with confidentiality and security. This is crucial for maintaining the privacy rights of service members while allowing for the necessary evaluation of their physical capabilities.

Relevance in Military Training

DA FORM 705-TEST is not just a tool for recording fitness scores but also a critical component in the Army’s overall readiness strategy. It helps in planning effective training programs and preparing soldiers for the physical challenges of military duties.


The Army Combat Fitness Test ScorecardDA FORM 705-TEST, is a key element in the U.S. Army’s commitment to maintaining a fit and ready force. By accurately assessing and documenting the physical fitness of soldiers, the Army ensures that its personnel are prepared for the demands of military service. This form is a vital resource for commanders, trainers, and soldiers alike, promoting a culture of physical fitness and readiness that is crucial for the success of military operations.

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