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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 67-10-2 Fillable – Army Pubs 67-10-2 PDF – The DA FORM 67-10-2, also known as the Field Grade Plate (O4 – O5; CW3 – CW5) Officer Evaluation Report, plays a pivotal role in the professional evaluation and development of field grade officers within the United States Army. This form is designed to provide a structured and standardized method of assessing the performance and potential of officers holding the ranks of Major (O4) to Lieutenant Colonel (O5), as well as Chief Warrant Officers 3 (CW3) through Chief Warrant Officers 5 (CW5). In this article, we will cover the essential aspects of DA FORM 67-10-2, offering a clear and informative overview for individuals seeking to understand or complete this document.

DA FORM 67-10-2 – Field Grade Plate (O4 – O5; CW3 – CW5) Officer Evaluation Report

Form Number DA Form 67-10-2
Form Title Field Grade Plate (O4 – O5; CW3 – CW5)
Form Date  03/1/2019
Form Proponent G-1

Key Features of DA FORM 67-10-2

DA FORM 67-10-2 is a crucial document used by the U.S. Army to evaluate the performance of its field-grade officers. It captures a wide range of information, including leadership abilities, professional competence, moral attributes, and the overall impact of the officer’s service on their unit’s mission. The form is structured to encourage thorough and objective evaluations, fostering an environment of continuous improvement and professional development.

Publication Details

  • Pub/Form Number: DA FORM 67-10-2
  • Publication Date: March 1, 2019
  • Proponent: G-1
  • Status: ACTIVE
  • Security Classification: UNCLASSIFIED

Prescribing Directives and Changes

The form is governed by AR 623-3 and has undergone various revisions, the most notable being the revision from November 1, 2015. One significant change includes the removal of the requirement to provide Multi-Source Assessment and Feedback (MSAF) information, following the Army Directive 2018-07-8. This adjustment aligns with the Army’s evolving approach to officer evaluation, focusing on relevant and current assessment criteria.

Importance of DA FORM 67-10-2 in Officer Evaluations

The DA FORM 67-10-2 serves as a fundamental tool in shaping the careers of field-grade officers. It not only assesses past performance but also identifies areas for future growth and development. By providing a clear and concise evaluation, the form assists in decision-making processes related to promotions, assignments, and professional development opportunities.

Evaluating Officer Competence and Leadership

A key aspect of the evaluation process involves assessing the officer’s ability to lead effectively, execute missions, and contribute to the overall success of their unit. The form places a strong emphasis on leadership qualities, ethical standards, and the capacity to inspire and motivate others.

Impact on Career Advancement

The insights gained from DA FORM 67-10-2 are vital for career progression within the Army. High-performing officers are identified through these evaluations, helping to inform promotion boards and assignment committees about the officers best suited for advanced leadership roles.

Completing and Submitting DA FORM 67-10-2

Completing DA FORM 67-10-2 requires attention to detail and an understanding of the criteria being assessed. Evaluators are encouraged to provide objective and constructive feedback that reflects the officer’s performance and potential accurately.

Guidelines for Submission

The form must be completed in accordance with AR 623-3 guidelines and submitted through the appropriate channels. It’s important for both the evaluating officer and the officer being evaluated to review all entries for accuracy before submission.


The DA FORM 67-10-2 is an essential component of the U.S. Army’s officer evaluation process, offering a structured framework for assessing the performance and potential of field-grade officers. By fostering an environment of transparent and constructive feedback, the form plays a crucial role in the professional development and career advancement of Army officers. Understanding how to effectively complete and utilize DA FORM 67-10-2 is key for those involved in the evaluation process, ensuring that the Army continues to develop leaders of the highest caliber.

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