DA FORM 67-10-1A Fillable – Army Pubs 67-10-1A PDF

DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 67-10-1A Fillable – Army Pubs 67-10-1A PDF – In the world of military administration, accurate and thorough evaluation of officers’ performance is crucial. DA FORM 67-10-1A plays a vital role in this process, offering a structured approach to assessing the competencies and duties of officers within the United States Army. This form serves as a support document for the Officer Evaluation Report (OER), providing a comprehensive overview that aids in the fair and objective evaluation of officer performance.

DA FORM 67-10-1A – Officer Evaluation Report Support Form

Form Number DA Form 67-10-1A
Form Title Officer Evaluation Report Support Form
Form Date 03/1/2019
Form Proponent G-1

Key Features of DA FORM 67-10-1A

Overview and Purpose

DA FORM 67-10-1A, titled Officer Evaluation Report Support Form, was last updated on March 1, 2019. It is designed to facilitate a detailed review of an officer’s performance and potential. The form is a crucial document for military personnel management, serving as a foundation for career development, promotions, and other personnel actions within the Army.

Structure and Content

The form is structured to capture essential information about an officer’s duties, responsibilities, and performance. It includes sections for self-assessment, where the officer can reflect on their achievements and areas for improvement, as well as sections for the evaluating officer to provide feedback and guidance.

Importance of DA FORM 67-10-1A in Officer Evaluation

Supporting Fair and Objective Evaluations

DA FORM 67-10-1A supports the goal of fair and objective evaluation by providing a standardized format for feedback. This ensures that evaluations are based on measurable performance and not personal biases, contributing to a more equitable assessment process.

Guiding Career Development

The detailed feedback provided in the form can serve as a valuable tool for officers to understand their strengths and areas where they need development. This can guide their career planning and professional growth, helping them to identify opportunities for further training or experience.

Changes and Updates to the Form

Removal of MSAF Data Entry Requirements

The form underwent significant changes with the issuance of Army Directive 2018-07-8, which eliminated the Multi-Source Assessment and Feedback (MSAF) program. This change, reflected in MILPER MSG 18-181, removed the requirement for MSAF data entry in the DA Form 67-10 series OERs, simplifying the evaluation process and focusing on direct assessments.

Access and Distribution

DA FORM 67-10-1A is classified as unclassified and is approved for public release, with distribution unlimited. This ensures that the form is accessible to all personnel involved in the evaluation process, promoting transparency and understanding of the evaluation criteria and procedures.


The DA FORM 67-10-1A – Officer Evaluation Report Support Form is an essential tool in the United States Army’s effort to ensure accurate, fair, and objective evaluations of officers. By providing a structured format for assessment, the form aids in career development and personnel management, contributing to the effectiveness and professionalism of the Army’s leadership.

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