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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 67-10-1 Fillable – Army Pubs 67-10-1 PDF – In the world of military documentation and evaluation, DA FORM 67-10-1 stands out as a critical tool for assessing the performance and potential of Company Grade Officers. This form, specifically designed for officers ranging from O1 to O3 and WO1 to CW2, provides a structured framework for evaluation. In this article, we’ll break down the essentials of DA FORM 67-10-1, its significance, and how it’s used within the military structure.

DA FORM 67-10-1 – Company Grade Plate (O1 – O3; WO1 – CW2) Officer Evaluation Report

Form Number DA Form 67-10-1
Form Title Company Grade Plate (O1 – O3; WO1 – CW2) Officer Evaluation Report
Form Date 03/1/2019
Form Proponent G-1

What is DA FORM 67-10-1?

DA FORM 67-10-1, titled “Company Grade Plate (O1 – O3; WO1 – CW2) Officer Evaluation Report”, is a document used by the United States Army. Released on March 1, 2019, it serves as the standardized form for evaluating the performance of company grade officers. This form is part of the broader effort to ensure that officer evaluations are fair, comprehensive, and accurately reflect an individual’s duties, accomplishments, and potential for future responsibilities.

Why Is It Important?

The evaluation of company grade officers through DA FORM 67-10-1 is not just about assessing past performance. It’s a vital tool for career development, offering insights into areas of strength and opportunities for growth. By providing a clear record of an officer’s accomplishments and areas for improvement, the form plays a key role in shaping the leadership within the Army.

Key Sections of DA FORM 67-10-1

Personal Information and Assignment Data

This section captures the basic information about the officer being evaluated, including name, rank, and current assignment. This provides a clear context for the evaluation, linking it directly to the individual’s current role and responsibilities.

Performance Evaluation

The core of the form focuses on evaluating the officer’s performance in their assigned duties. Evaluators are required to give specific examples of achievements and areas where the officer has excelled, as well as constructive feedback on areas where improvement is needed.

Potential for Future Roles

Another crucial aspect of DA FORM 67-10-1 is the assessment of an officer’s potential for future responsibilities. This section allows evaluators to recommend the officer for future roles and leadership positions, based on their observed performance and capabilities.

Changes and Updates

Significant to the history of DA FORM 67-10-1 is the elimination of the MSAF programs as of June 8, 2018, which was previously a data point collected on these forms. This change, prompted by Army Directive 2018-07-8, reflects the Army’s adaptability and commitment to improving evaluation processes.


DA FORM 67-10-1 is more than just a form; it’s a comprehensive tool for assessing, guiding, and developing the Army’s future leaders. By providing a structured framework for evaluation, it ensures that company grade officers receive the feedback necessary to grow in their roles and prepare for increased responsibilities. For those in the military, understanding and effectively using this form is key to both personal and professional development.

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