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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM ANGKA Fillable – Army Pubs ANGKA PDF – DA FORM 647-1, known as the Personnel Register, is an essential document used within the United States Army for maintaining accurate and up-to-date records of personnel movements and status. This article provides a detailed overview of DA FORM 647-1, highlighting its purpose, usage, and key aspects, making it an invaluable resource for military personnel and administrators alike.

DA FORM 647-1 – Personnel Register

Form Number DA Form 647-1
Form Title Personnel Register
Form Date 04/1/2010
Form Proponent G-1

What is DA FORM 647-1?

DA FORM 647-1 is an active and unclassified form prescribed by AR 600-8-6 and further detailed in PAM 600-8-1. Officially titled Personnel Register, it serves as a crucial tool in the management and documentation of personnel assignments and attendance within military units.

Key Details of the Form

  • Publication/Form Number: DA FORM 647-1
  • Publication/Form Date: April 1, 2010
  • Proponent: G-1
  • Security Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
  • Distribution Restriction Code: A (Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited)

This form is exclusively produced in electronic media, aligning with modern needs for efficiency and environmental considerations.

Purpose of DA FORM 647-1

The Personnel Register is designed to record the daily presence, absence, and any special statuses of military personnel. This ensures that all personnel data is systematically captured and can be accessed for administrative purposes, strategic planning, and operational readiness assessments.

Why is it Important?

  • Accountability: Ensures all personnel are accounted for on a daily basis.
  • Record Keeping: Provides a legal and formal record of personnel movements and statuses.
  • Efficiency: Streamlines the process of tracking personnel across various military operations and assignments.

How to Use DA FORM 647-1

Using DA FORM 647-1 requires understanding its sections and how they relate to daily personnel management. The form typically includes fields for date, personnel names, rank, unit assignments, presence status, and notes on absences or special conditions. Proper completion of the form is critical to maintaining accurate and actionable personnel records.

Best Practices for Form Management

  • Timely Updates: Update the register daily to reflect accurate personnel status.
  • Accuracy: Ensure all information is correct to avoid discrepancies in personnel records.
  • Security: Handle the form with the confidentiality required for military documents, despite its unclassified status.

Impact of DA FORM 647-1 on Military Operations

The Personnel Register is more than just a form; it is a vital component in the management of military personnel. It supports operational efficiency and readiness by providing commanders and unit leaders with reliable data on the availability and distribution of their forces.

Key Benefits

  • Operational Readiness: Immediate access to personnel statuses helps in rapid decision-making.
  • Administrative Efficiency: Reduces the administrative burden by automating record-keeping.
  • Strategic Planning: Assists in forecasting personnel needs and allocations based on current data.


DA FORM 647-1, the Personnel Register, is a fundamental tool in the administrative arsenal of the U.S. Army. Its careful design and strategic importance facilitate effective personnel management, ensuring that military operations can be conducted smoothly and efficiently. By maintaining an accurate and up-to-date Personnel Register, the Army enhances its operational capabilities and ensures that all personnel are accounted for, both in daily activities and in times of need.

For military personnel and administrators, understanding and utilizing DA FORM 647-1 effectively is paramount to maintaining the integrity and efficiency of military operations. This guide aims to assist in that endeavor, ensuring that the Personnel Register continues to serve its critical role in the U.S. Army.


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