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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 591H Fillable – Army Pubs 591H PDF – The DA FORM 591H, officially known as the ROTC Supplemental Service Agreement (Army Chaplaincy), is a crucial document for individuals pursuing a career as chaplains within the U.S. Army through the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC). This article provides an in-depth look at the form, its purpose, and its role in the career development of future Army chaplains. The information is essential for those interested in the ROTC’s chaplaincy track and requires a clear understanding of the commitment involved.

DA FORM 591H – Rotc Supplemental Service Agreement (Army Chaplaincy)

Form Number DA Form 591H
Form Title Rotc Supplemental Service Agreement (Army Chaplaincy)
Form Date 10/1/2023
Form Proponent G-1

What is DA FORM 591H?

Purpose and Importance

DA FORM 591H serves as a contractual agreement between ROTC cadets and the U.S. Army, specifically tailored for those entering the Army Chaplaincy. Established to outline the obligations and commitments required from cadets, this form is a cornerstone of the administrative process for chaplain candidates. It ensures that candidates are well-informed about the terms of their future service as military chaplains.

Key Features of the Form

The form details the service agreement, including the length of service required after completing the chaplaincy program. As an active document with the latest version published on October 1, 2023, it replaces the previous edition issued in 1985. This update signifies the Army’s ongoing commitment to adapting its administrative practices to contemporary needs and regulations.

The Role of AR 601-25

Prescribed by AR 601-25, DA FORM 591H aligns with regulatory guidelines that govern the ROTC program and the specific pathways to becoming an Army chaplain. Candidates must thoroughly understand these guidelines to ensure compliance and readiness for their roles in spiritual leadership and support within the military.

Security and Accessibility

Marked as UNCLASSIFIED and with a distribution restriction code of A, which means it is “Approved for Public Release; Distribution is Unlimited,” DA FORM 591H is accessible to the public. This transparency supports the form’s purpose in recruiting and informing potential chaplain candidates about their commitments.

Application Process and Procedures

Candidates interested in the chaplaincy track must complete DA FORM 591H as part of their ROTC curriculum. This form is integral in formalizing the candidate’s intention and agreement to serve in the Army as a chaplain, outlining both the educational path and the subsequent service obligations.

How to Access and Fill Out DA FORM 591H

Prospective chaplains can obtain the form from their ROTC program offices or download it from the Army’s official digital forms repository. Completing the form involves entering personal information, educational background, and signing to agree to the service terms stipulated by the U.S. Army.

Privacy Act Statement

The form includes a Privacy Act Statement, ensuring that candidates are aware of their rights in regards to personal data handling and privacy. This aspect is crucial, considering the sensitive nature of the information required on the form.


For ROTC cadets aspiring to serve as chaplains in the U.S. Army, understanding and properly completing DA FORM 591H is a vital step in their career path. This document not only outlines their service commitment but also serves as a legal agreement between the individual and the military, ensuring that all parties are clear about the expectations and requirements of the chaplaincy role.

Future chaplains are encouraged to consult with their ROTC advisors to ensure that all aspects of the form are correctly understood and completed, setting the foundation for a successful and fulfilling career in military chaplaincy.

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