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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 591G Fillable – Army Pubs 591G PDF – The DA FORM 591G, known officially as the ROTC Supplemental Service Agreement for Special Medical Program Participants, plays a crucial role in the United States Army’s ROTC programs, particularly for individuals engaged in specialized medical training. This form is a vital document that outlines the obligations and commitments of ROTC cadets who are also participants in medical programs. Updated as of October 1, 2023, the form reflects current practices and guidelines within military training and healthcare education.

DA FORM 591G – Rotc Supplemental Service Agreement For Special Medical Program Participants

Form Number DA Form 591G
Form Title Rotc Supplemental Service Agreement For Special Medical Program Participants
Form Date 10/1/2023
Form Proponent G-1

What is DA FORM 591G?

Overview of the Form

DA FORM 591G serves as a binding agreement between ROTC cadets in special medical programs and the United States Army. This document is prescribed by AR 601-25 and is a key component in the administrative framework that supports the training and development of future medical officers in the Army. The form is managed by the G-1 proponent within the Army structure.

Importance of the Form

The agreement stipulates the terms of service, including the duration and type of service required after completing medical training. It is critical for ensuring that both the cadets and the military have a clear, mutual understanding of the commitments involved, which includes years of service owed and the roles cadets will fulfill upon commissioning.

Key Sections of DA FORM 591G

Privacy Act Statement

The form includes a Privacy Act Statement that ensures the protection of personal information. This statement outlines the authority under which the information is collected, ensuring compliance with federal privacy regulations.

Service Commitment Details

DA FORM 591G details the specific obligations cadets agree to in exchange for receiving specialized medical training funded by the Army. This includes the length of service required and the conditions under which the service must be fulfilled.

How to Use DA FORM 591G

Filling Out the Form

Participants of the ROTC special medical programs must complete the DA FORM 591G with accurate and current information. This process typically involves coordination with ROTC program administrators to ensure all sections are filled out correctly and that both parties understand the commitments made.

Submitting the Form

Once completed, the form must be submitted through the appropriate channels within the ROTC program and the Army’s administrative structure. It is crucial for maintaining the formal record of the agreement and activating the terms of service upon the cadet’s commissioning.

Security and Distribution

The form is classified as UNCLASSIFIED and is approved for public release with Distribution Unlimited (Dist Restriction Code A), meaning it can be accessed and utilized by the public whenever necessary, reflecting the Army’s commitment to transparency in its agreements.

Updates and Changes

The current DA FORM 591G replaces the previous edition dated October 1, 1985. It is important for users to ensure they are using the latest version of the form to comply with the most recent guidelines and requirements.


DA FORM 591G is an essential document for cadets involved in the ROTC special medical programs, defining the scope of their future service in the Army as medical officers. Understanding and correctly implementing the stipulations of this form is pivotal for the cadets’ career trajectories and for the Army’s planning and utilization of its medical personnel resources. Aspiring medical officers and ROTC participants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the form and its implications for their military obligations.

By ensuring clarity and commitment, DA FORM 591G helps to structure the relationship between military education and service, supporting the development of well-trained medical professionals ready to contribute to the nation’s defense and public health sectors.

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