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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 591F Fillable – Army Pubs 591F PDF – The DA FORM 591F represents a critical component in the administrative framework of the U.S. Army, particularly concerning the Early Commissioning Program (ECP). This form serves as a Student Supplemental Service Agreement for those cadets who wish to delay their postgraduate service to further their education. Updated on October 1, 2023, it supersedes the earlier DA FORM 591F-R and is essential for understanding the obligations and opportunities associated with the ECP. This article provides an in-depth look at the purpose, implications, and usage of this form.

DA FORM 591F – Early Commissioning Program (ECP) Student Supplemental Service Agreement (Postgraduate Delay)

Form Number DA Form 591F
Form Title Early Commissioning Program (ECP) Student Supplemental Service Agreement (Postgraduate Delay)
Form Date 10/1/2023
Form Proponent G-1

Overview of the Early Commissioning Program (ECP)

The Early Commissioning Program allows cadets to receive a commission as a second lieutenant after completing two years of college through a military junior college. These lieutenants can then complete their bachelor’s degree while serving in the Army Reserve or National Guard.

Purpose of DA FORM 591F

DA FORM 591F is used to formalize the agreement between the cadet and the Army regarding their educational and service commitments. This form is crucial for cadets who intend to take advantage of the postgraduate delay option provided by the ECP, allowing them to complete their undergraduate education before fulfilling their active duty service obligations.

Key Sections and Instructions of DA FORM 591F

Understanding the layout and the necessary inputs of DA FORM 591F is vital for cadets to ensure they meet all the requirements stipulated in the agreement.

Personal and Program Information

Cadets must provide detailed personal information, details of their academic institution, and the specific nature of their commissioning source. This ensures all parties have a clear record of the cadet’s educational path and future service commitment.

Service Obligation Details

This section outlines the length and nature of the service commitment post-graduation. It’s crucial for cadets to understand the nuances of this section to align their career planning with their service requirements.

Acknowledgment of Terms

Cadets are required to acknowledge that they understand the terms of their commitment to the Army, including potential repercussions of failing to meet these obligations.

The DA FORM 591F is backed by AR 601-25, which prescribes the usage and rules associated with this form. It’s essential for cadets and their advisors to be familiar with this directive to ensure compliance with all military and educational guidelines.

Privacy and Security

The form includes a Privacy Act Statement which outlines how the cadet’s personal information will be used and protected. As an unclassified document, DA FORM 591F is approved for public release, ensuring transparency and accessibility.


DA FORM 591F is a pivotal document for cadets enrolled in the Early Commissioning Program who seek to delay their service to complete their education. By thoroughly understanding and properly completing this form, cadets can secure their educational and career objectives while fulfilling their service obligations to the U.S. Army.

Cadets are advised to consult with their program advisors and review the provisions of AR 601-25 to ensure a thorough understanding of their rights and responsibilities under the DA FORM 591F. This proactive approach will facilitate a smoother transition from collegiate environments to active service, supporting both personal growth and professional development.

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