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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 581 Fillable – Army Pubs 581 PDF – In the realm of military logistics, proper documentation is crucial for the efficient management and accountability of resources. One such document is the DA FORM 581, an essential tool used by the United States Army for the Request for Issue and Turn-In of Ammunition. This article provides a comprehensive overview of DA FORM 581, detailing its purpose, usage, and significance in military operations.

DA FORM 581 – Request For Issue And Turn-In Of Ammunition

Form Number DA Form 581
Form Title Request For Issue And Turn-In Of Ammunition
Form Date 06/1/2021
Form Proponent G-4

What is DA FORM 581?

Purpose of DA FORM 581

DA FORM 581 serves a dual purpose in military logistics: it is used both to request the issuance of ammunition to various units and to document the turn-in of ammunition back into military stores. The form ensures meticulous tracking and accountability of ammunition, facilitating effective inventory management and operational readiness.

Key Features of the Form

DA FORM 581, revised on June 1, 2021, remains an active document, regulated by the Army’s G-4 branch. It supersedes the previous version dated July 1, 1999, reflecting updates and improvements in handling ammunition logistics. The form is classified as UNCLASSIFIED and has a distribution restriction code of “A,” meaning it is approved for public release and its distribution is unlimited.

How to Use DA FORM 581

Completing the Form

Filling out DA FORM 581 requires attention to detail to ensure accuracy in the ammunition logistics records. The form is prescribed by AR 710-2 and PAM 700-16, which also guide the procedures for its use. Users must clearly specify the types and quantities of ammunition requested or being turned in, and the form must be authorized by designated personnel to validate its legitimacy.

Importance of Accuracy

Accurate completion of DA FORM 581 is vital. Errors can lead to discrepancies in ammunition records, potentially impacting the operational capabilities of military units. Thus, personnel responsible for completing the form must be thoroughly trained and familiar with the relevant directives and guidelines.

Key Considerations for Managing Ammunition via DA FORM 581

Security and Compliance

Given the sensitive nature of ammunition, handling it requires strict adherence to security protocols and compliance with military regulations. DA FORM 581 plays a critical role in maintaining this compliance, ensuring that all transactions involving ammunition are properly documented and authorized.

Impact on Military Operations

The efficient management of ammunition is pivotal for the readiness and effectiveness of military operations. DA FORM 581 not only facilitates operational efficiency but also contributes to strategic planning and resource allocation within the military.


DA FORM 581 – Request For Issue and Turn-In Of Ammunition is a crucial document in the United States Army’s logistical operations. It ensures the careful tracking and management of ammunition, which is vital for both operational success and regulatory compliance. Understanding and correctly utilizing DA FORM 581 is essential for military personnel involved in ammunition supply chain processes, significantly impacting the efficacy and readiness of military operations.

This overview of DA FORM 581 highlights its importance and provides essential information for its proper use, aiming to support individuals in their professional activities related to military logistics and ammunition management. By adhering to the guidelines and accurately completing this form, military personnel contribute to the effective and efficient use of defense resources.

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