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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 4939 Fillable – Army Pubs 4939 PDFDA FORM 4939 is a critical document utilized within the military for the purpose of managing and reporting the quarterly obligations related to the quarters of general and flag officers. This article delves into the specifics of DA FORM 4939, providing a comprehensive guide for individuals seeking to understand and efficiently utilize this form in their professional duties.

DA FORM 4939 – General/Flag Officer`S Quarters Quarterly Obligations Report

Form Number DA Form 4939
Form Title General/Flag Officer`S Quarters Quarterly Obligations Report
Form Date 10/01/2007
Form Proponent G-9

Overview of DA FORM 4939

Publication Details

The DA FORM 4939 was published on October 1, 2007, and remains an active form as of today. The form is prescribed by the G-9 proponent and falls under the directives AR 420-1 and PAM 420-1-1. Notably, this form is available only in electronic media as indicated by footnote 42. The form is unclassified and approved for public release, ensuring its distribution is unlimited.

Purpose and Usage

The General/Flag Officer’s Quarters Quarterly Obligations Report is designed to track and report the financial obligations related to the quarters provided to general and flag officers. This ensures transparency and accountability in the utilization of resources allocated for these high-ranking officials.

Key Components of DA FORM 4939

Sections of the Form

The DA FORM 4939 is structured to capture detailed information regarding the obligations and expenditures related to officer quarters. Key sections include:

  • Officer Information: Details about the officer occupying the quarters.
  • Quarterly Obligations: A breakdown of financial obligations incurred during the quarter.
  • Approval and Certification: Signatures from relevant authorities certifying the accuracy and completeness of the report.

Reporting Requirements

Officers and administrative personnel responsible for filling out the DA FORM 4939 must ensure that all financial data is accurate and up-to-date. The form requires meticulous documentation of all expenses to facilitate a thorough review and audit process.

Compliance and Submission

Prescribing Directives

The form is governed by AR 420-1 and PAM 420-1-1, which outline the policies and procedures for managing and reporting officer quarters. Compliance with these directives is mandatory to ensure the proper administration of resources.

Submission Process

Completed forms must be submitted as per the guidelines established in the prescribing directives. Typically, this involves electronic submission to designated authorities within the G-9 office. Ensuring timely and accurate submission is crucial for maintaining accountability and avoiding any potential discrepancies.

Importance of DA FORM 4939

The DA FORM 4939 plays a vital role in the financial management of quarters for general and flag officers. By providing a standardized method for reporting obligations, it enhances the transparency and accountability of financial operations within the military. This, in turn, supports the effective allocation and utilization of resources, ensuring that quarters provided to officers meet the required standards without overspending.


  • Enhanced Accountability: Detailed reporting ensures that all financial obligations are accounted for.
  • Resource Management: Helps in the efficient management of funds allocated for officer quarters.
  • Transparency: Facilitates transparency in the use of military resources, promoting trust and integrity.


The DA FORM 4939 – General/Flag Officer’s Quarters Quarterly Obligations Report is an essential tool for the financial management of officer quarters within the military. By understanding its components, requirements, and significance, individuals can effectively utilize this form to ensure proper resource allocation and compliance with established directives. For further details, consulting AR 420-1 and PAM 420-1-1 is recommended, as these documents provide comprehensive guidelines for the administration of officer quarters.

By adhering to the guidelines and submitting accurate reports, military personnel can contribute to the efficient and transparent management of resources, ultimately supporting the overall mission and objectives of the military organization.

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