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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 4930 Fillable – Army Pubs 4930 PDFDA FORM 4930 – Alarm/Intrusion Detection Record is a vital document used by the military to record and monitor alarm and intrusion detection events. This form is essential for maintaining the security and integrity of military facilities and operations. Understanding its usage, requirements, and importance is crucial for personnel involved in security and surveillance tasks. This article provides a detailed overview of DA FORM 4930, its purpose, and how to correctly utilize it.

DA FORM 4930 – Alarm/Intrusion Detection Record

Form Number DA Form 4930
Form Title Alarm/Intrusion Detection Record
Form Date 09/01/2006
Form Proponent PMG

Overview of DA FORM 4930

Publication Details

DA FORM 4930 is officially titled “Alarm/Intrusion Detection Record”. It was first published on September 1, 2006, and remains an active form used within the military. The form’s Proponent is the PMG (Provost Marshal General), and it falls under the prescribing directive AR 190-11, which governs physical security of arms, ammunition, and explosives.

  • Pub/Form Number: DA FORM 4930
  • Pub/Form Date: 09/01/2006
  • Pub/Form Title: Alarm/Intrusion Detection Record
  • Pub/Form Proponent: PMG
  • Pub/Form Status: Active
  • Prescribing Directive: AR 190-11
  • Security Classification: Unclassified
  • Distribution Restriction Code: A – Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited

Key Characteristics

The form is unclassified and approved for public release, making it widely accessible for those who need it. It is produced only in electronic media and carries a Pub/Form IDN of 990001 and a Pub/Form PIN of 046389.

Purpose and Importance of DA FORM 4930

Ensuring Security

The primary purpose of DA FORM 4930 is to document incidents related to alarm and intrusion detection systems. This record is crucial for the security management of military installations, helping to ensure that all alarms are logged and investigated appropriately. By maintaining accurate records, security personnel can track patterns, identify vulnerabilities, and enhance overall security measures.

Compliance with Regulations

Using DA FORM 4930 ensures compliance with AR 190-11, which mandates the physical security of sensitive items. Proper documentation helps in audits and reviews, demonstrating that the facility adheres to security protocols and regulations.

How to Use DA FORM 4930

Completing the Form

When filling out DA FORM 4930, it is important to be precise and thorough. The form should include detailed information about each alarm event, including the date and timelocationtype of alarm, and any actions taken in response to the alarm. Additionally, the personnel involved in responding to the alarm should be documented.

Record Maintenance

Records must be maintained meticulously. Each completed form should be reviewed for accuracy and completeness. Incomplete or incorrect records can lead to gaps in security and potential breaches.

Electronic Media

As the form is only available in electronic media, personnel must ensure they have access to the necessary software and platforms to complete and store the forms securely. Backup systems should be in place to prevent data loss.

Benefits of Proper Documentation

Enhanced Security

By properly documenting all alarm and intrusion events, military facilities can significantly enhance their security posture. Analyzing the records can reveal trends and highlight areas needing improvement.

Accountability and Transparency

Maintaining detailed records fosters accountability and transparency. It ensures that all incidents are recorded and can be reviewed by higher authorities if needed.

Proper use of DA FORM 4930 ensures compliance with military regulations, thereby avoiding potential legal issues or penalties. It demonstrates a commitment to maintaining high security standards.


DA FORM 4930 – Alarm/Intrusion Detection Record plays a crucial role in the security management of military installations. By accurately recording all alarm and intrusion events, security personnel can ensure a high level of security, comply with regulations, and maintain accountability. Understanding how to properly complete and maintain this form is essential for anyone involved in military security operations.

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