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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 4925 Fillable – Army Pubs 4925 PDF – DA FORM 4925, titled Chaplains’ Fund Statement of Assets, is an essential document used within the U.S. Army to report the financial status of chaplains’ funds. This form, issued on September 1, 1999, remains active and is pivotal in maintaining transparency and accountability for assets managed by military chaplains.

DA FORM 4925 – Chaplains` Fund Statement Of Assets

Form Number DA Form 4925
Form Title Chaplains` Fund Statement Of Assets
Form Date 09/01/1999
Form Proponent CCH

Purpose of DA FORM 4925

Importance in Financial Management

The Chaplains’ Fund Statement of Assets is designed to record and report the various assets held within a chaplain’s fund. This includes tracking monetary contributionsexpenditures, and current financial standing. The accurate maintenance of this form ensures that funds are properly managed and that financial activities are transparent and accountable.

Proponent and Status

The form is managed by the Chief of Chaplains (CCH) and is currently in active status. This means it is regularly used and maintained as part of the financial oversight processes within the Army’s chaplaincy services.

Key Features of DA FORM 4925

Electronic Media and Distribution

A notable aspect of DA FORM 4925 is that it is only produced in electronic media. This facilitates easier distribution, completion, and submission, aligning with modern data management practices within the military. Additionally, the form is classified as UNCLASSIFIED, ensuring that its distribution is not restricted and can be accessed by authorized personnel without security concerns.

Unrestricted Distribution

The form is approved for public release, and its distribution is unlimited. This accessibility is crucial for ensuring that all relevant parties can obtain and utilize the form as needed without bureaucratic delays.

Utilizing DA FORM 4925

Completing the Form

When filling out DA FORM 4925, it is essential to ensure that all entries are accurate and complete. This includes detailing all assetsliabilities, and net worth associated with the chaplain’s fund. Accurate reporting is vital for maintaining the integrity of the financial records.

Submission and Record-Keeping

Once completed, the form should be submitted as per the established protocols within the chaplaincy services. Proper record-keeping is crucial for future reference and audits, ensuring that all financial activities are documented and accessible for review.

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DA FORM 4925 – Chaplains’ Fund Statement of Assets plays a critical role in the financial management and transparency of chaplaincy funds within the U.S. Army. By ensuring accurate and comprehensive reporting of assets, this form helps maintain the integrity and accountability of financial activities. Understanding its purpose, features, and proper utilization is essential for those involved in managing chaplaincy funds.

For more detailed information and access to the form, authorized personnel can refer to the official Army resources or the electronic media where the form is available.

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