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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 4919 Fillable – Army Pubs 4919 PDF – The DA FORM 4919 – Request For Final Action is a critical document used within the United States Army for formalizing requests for final actions on legal matters. This form, last updated on June 1, 2009, is actively used and prescribed by AR 27-10 under the proponent authority of The Judge Advocate General (TJAG). It plays a vital role in ensuring that legal processes are concluded efficiently and correctly.

DA FORM 4919 – Request For Final Action

Form Number DA Form 4919
Form Title Request For Final Action
Form Date 06/01/2009
Form Proponent TJAG

Purpose and Usage of DA FORM 4919

Understanding the Purpose

The primary purpose of DA FORM 4919 is to facilitate the finalization of legal actions. This can include matters related to court-martial cases, administrative actions, or other legal determinations requiring formal closure. By using this form, legal officers can request and document the completion of these actions, ensuring that all necessary steps have been taken and recorded.

How to Use DA FORM 4919

  1. Initiation: The process begins with the responsible legal officer filling out the form. This includes providing detailed information about the case or action that requires finalization.
  2. Submission: Once completed, the form is submitted to the appropriate authority within the Army’s legal system.
  3. Final Action: The designated authority reviews the request and, if everything is in order, takes the necessary final actions. This might involve signing off on the case, updating records, or issuing final orders.

Key Components of DA FORM 4919

Essential Information

The DA FORM 4919 includes several key sections that must be accurately filled out to ensure proper processing. These sections typically cover:

  • Case Identification: Details about the case, including reference numbers and involved parties.
  • Action Requested: A clear description of the final action being requested.
  • Legal References: Any applicable legal references or directives, such as AR 27-10, that justify the action.
  • Signatures: Signatures from the requesting officer and any approving authorities.

Digital Format and Accessibility

Notably, the DA FORM 4919 is produced exclusively in electronic media. This ensures that the form is easily accessible and can be distributed without the limitations of physical copies. The form is classified as UNCLASSIFIED, making it available for public release and distribution without restrictions.

Historical Context and Changes

Evolution of the Form

The current version of DA FORM 4919 supersedes the earlier DA FORM 4919-R, which was used from August 1, 1984, until it was replaced by the 2009 update. The changes reflect ongoing improvements in the Army’s legal processes and the adoption of digital formats for better efficiency and record-keeping.

Active Status and Distribution

As an ACTIVE form, DA FORM 4919 is continuously in use and maintained by the Army. The Distribution Restriction Code for this form is A, indicating that it is approved for public release and can be freely distributed. The form’s unique identifiers include Pub/Form IDN 990001 and Pub/Form PIN 080378.


The DA FORM 4919 – Request For Final Action is an essential tool within the Army’s legal framework, ensuring that legal actions are concluded properly and efficiently. By understanding its purpose, usage, and key components, Army personnel can effectively utilize this form to maintain the integrity of legal processes. The form’s unclassified status and electronic format make it readily accessible and easy to distribute, supporting the Army’s commitment to transparency and efficiency in its legal operations.

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