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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 4886 Fillable – Army Pubs 4886 PDFDA FORM 4886 – Issue-In-Kind-Personal Clothing Record is an essential document used within the military to record and track the issuance of personal clothing to soldiers. This article provides an in-depth look at DA FORM 4886, including its purpose, usage, and key details. Structured with clear headings and an objective tone, this guide aims to inform individuals seeking to understand or utilize this form in their professional activities.

DA FORM 4886 – Issue-In-Kind-Personal Clothing Record

Form Number DA Form 4886
Form Title Issue-In-Kind-Personal Clothing Record
Form Date 07/01/2014
Form Proponent G-4

What is DA FORM 4886?

DA FORM 4886, also known as the Issue-In-Kind-Personal Clothing Record, is a form used by the military to document the issuance of personal clothing to soldiers. This form ensures that all items provided to a soldier are accurately recorded, helping maintain accountability and proper management of military clothing.

Key Details of DA FORM 4886

  • Pub/Form Number: DA FORM 4886
  • Pub/Form Date: 07/01/2014
  • Pub/Form Title: Issue-In-Kind-Personal Clothing Record
  • Pub/Form Proponent: G-4
  • Pub/Form Status: ACTIVE
  • Prescribed Forms/Prescribing Directive: AR 700-84
  • Footnotes:
    • 01-Required for mobilization use (at home site)
    • 42-Item only produced in electronic media
  • Security Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
  • Dist Restriction Code: A (Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited)

Purpose and Importance of DA FORM 4886

The purpose of DA FORM 4886 is to ensure that all personal clothing issued to soldiers is properly documented. This record helps in maintaining accountability, avoiding discrepancies, and ensuring that soldiers have the necessary clothing for their duties. Proper documentation using this form is crucial for both logistical and administrative purposes within the military.

Benefits of Using DA FORM 4886

  • Accountability: Tracks the issuance of personal clothing to prevent loss or mismanagement.
  • Efficiency: Streamlines the process of issuing and recording clothing items.
  • Compliance: Ensures adherence to military regulations as outlined in AR 700-84.
  • Mobilization: Required for mobilization use, aiding in the rapid deployment and readiness of soldiers.

How to Use DA FORM 4886

To use DA FORM 4886 effectively, it is essential to understand the specific fields and how to fill them out accurately. Here is a step-by-step guide:

Filling Out DA FORM 4886

  1. Personal Information: Enter the soldier’s name, rank, and social security number at the top of the form.
  2. Clothing Items: List each item issued, including the item description, size, and quantity.
  3. Issuance Details: Record the date of issuance and the issuing officer’s name and signature.
  4. Soldier’s Acknowledgment: The soldier receiving the items must sign and date the form to acknowledge receipt.

Important Considerations

  • Ensure all information is accurate and complete to maintain proper records.
  • The form must be updated regularly to reflect any new issuances or returns.
  • Electronic media is the preferred format for maintaining and storing DA FORM 4886, as indicated by footnote 42.

Compliance and Distribution

DA FORM 4886 is an unclassified document, making it approved for public release with unlimited distribution. This broad accessibility ensures that all relevant personnel can easily obtain and use the form as needed.

Prescribing Directive

The use of DA FORM 4886 is mandated by AR 700-84, which provides detailed guidelines on the issuance and management of personal clothing within the military. Compliance with this directive is essential for maintaining uniform standards and procedures across all units.


In summary, DA FORM 4886 – Issue-In-Kind-Personal Clothing Record is a vital tool in the military’s logistics and administrative processes. By accurately documenting the issuance of personal clothing, this form helps ensure accountability, efficiency, and compliance with military regulations. For those involved in the management and distribution of military clothing, understanding and utilizing DA FORM 4886 is crucial for operational effectiveness.

By following the guidelines outlined in this article, individuals can effectively use DA FORM 4886 to maintain proper records and support the readiness and mobilization of soldiers.

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