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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 4664-1-R Fillable – Army Pubs 4664-1-R PDFDA FORM 4664-1-R, titled “Tempest Inspection Report Supplement – Facility Profile (LRA)”, is an essential document used by the United States Army to ensure the security and integrity of facilities against electronic surveillance threats. This form, issued on June 1, 1983, remains active and is primarily managed by INSCOM (U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command). This article aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of this form, its purpose, and its significance.

DA FORM 4664-1-R – Tempest Inspection Report Supplement – Facility Profile (LRA)

Form Number DA Form 4664-1-R
Form Title Tempest Inspection Report Supplement – Facility Profile (LRA)
Form Date 06/01/1983
Form Proponent INSCOM

Purpose of DA FORM 4664-1-R

DA FORM 4664-1-R serves as a supplement to the primary Tempest Inspection Report. It focuses on documenting detailed facility profiles to assess and mitigate vulnerabilities to electronic eavesdropping and surveillance. The form captures critical information about the physical and electronic environment of the facility, which is crucial for maintaining national security.

Key Components of DA FORM 4664-1-R

Facility Information

The form begins by collecting basic facility information, including:

  • Facility Name and Address
  • Facility Identification Number
  • Type of Facility (e.g., administrative, operational, storage)

Inspection Details

The inspection details section includes information such as:

  • Date of Inspection
  • Inspection Team Members
  • Purpose and Scope of Inspection

Electronic Security Measures

A significant portion of the form is dedicated to documenting the electronic security measures in place at the facility. This includes:

  • Types of Equipment used for secure communications
  • Shielding Techniques employed to prevent signal leakage
  • Maintenance Records of security equipment

Importance of DA FORM 4664-1-R in National Security

The meticulous documentation provided by DA FORM 4664-1-R is critical in identifying and addressing potential security vulnerabilities. By maintaining an up-to-date profile of each facility, the Army can proactively implement measures to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information. This form is particularly vital for facilities that handle classified or sensitive data.

Distribution and Classification

DA FORM 4664-1-R is classified as unclassified, meaning it does not contain information that would compromise national security if disclosed. However, the distribution of the form is approved for public release, with distribution code A, indicating unlimited distribution. This allows for widespread accessibility while ensuring the information collected is used appropriately.

Electronic Media Availability

An important footnote regarding DA FORM 4664-1-R is that it is also produced in electronic media. This facilitates easier access and submission, enhancing the efficiency of the inspection and documentation process.

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DA FORM 4664-1-R plays a pivotal role in maintaining the security integrity of U.S. Army facilities. By providing a detailed facility profile, this form aids in the identification and mitigation of electronic surveillance threats. Understanding its components and importance is essential for professionals involved in facility security and electronic protection measures.

For further information, individuals are encouraged to refer to the official documentation provided by INSCOM and other related directives to ensure compliance and up-to-date practices in electronic security.

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