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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 4574-R Fillable – Army Pubs 4574-R PDFDA FORM 4574-R – Radiopharmaceutical Record (LRA) is a crucial document used within the medical and military fields to keep track of radiopharmaceutical substances. Issued by the United States Department of the Army, this form is essential for maintaining accurate records of radiopharmaceuticals, ensuring proper handling, storage, and utilization of these materials.

DA FORM 4574-R – Radiopharmaceutical Record (LRA)

Form Number DA Form 4574-R
Form Title Radiopharmaceutical Record (LRA)
Form Date 11/01/1976
Form Proponent TSG

What is DA FORM 4574-R?

DA FORM 4574-R is formally known as the Radiopharmaceutical Record (LRA). The form was published on November 1, 1976, and is currently in active use. It is governed by the proponent TSG (The Surgeon General) and prescribed under TB MED 525. This form is classified as UNCLASSIFIED and is approved for public release with no distribution restrictions.

Key Details of DA FORM 4574-R

  • Publication/Form Number: DA FORM 4574-R
  • Publication/Form Date: 11/01/1976
  • Form Title: Radiopharmaceutical Record (LRA)
  • Form Proponent: TSG
  • Form Status: Active
  • Prescribed Forms/Prescribing Directive: TB MED 525
  • Security Classification: Unclassified
  • Distribution Restriction Code: A (Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited)
  • Publication/Form IDN: 990001
  • Publication/Form PIN: 031661
  • Footnotes: Also produced in electronic media

Purpose of DA FORM 4574-R

The DA FORM 4574-R serves as a comprehensive record for radiopharmaceuticals, which are radioactive compounds used for diagnosis or treatment in medical practices. The meticulous documentation provided by this form helps ensure safetyaccountability, and regulatory compliance when handling these substances.

Importance in Medical and Military Fields

In both medical and military contexts, the use of radiopharmaceuticals requires stringent control and documentation. The DA FORM 4574-R is vital for tracking the procurementusage, and disposal of these materials. This record-keeping is essential for:

  • Monitoring Radiation Exposure: Ensuring that personnel are not exposed to unsafe levels of radiation.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Meeting the requirements set forth by medical and military regulations.
  • Accurate Inventory Management: Keeping an up-to-date inventory of radiopharmaceuticals to avoid shortages or overstocking.
  • Accountability: Providing a clear audit trail for the usage of these substances.

How to Complete DA FORM 4574-R

Section 1: Identification Information

This section requires the basic identification information of the radiopharmaceutical, including:

  • Name of Radiopharmaceutical: The specific name of the radioactive substance.
  • Batch Number: The unique batch number assigned to the radiopharmaceutical.
  • Date Received: The date on which the substance was received.

Section 2: Usage Record

Here, detailed records of the usage of the radiopharmaceutical are maintained:

  • Date of Use: The exact date when the substance was used.
  • Amount Used: The quantity of the radiopharmaceutical used.
  • Purpose of Use: The medical or research purpose for which the substance was utilized.
  • Personnel Involved: The names and roles of the individuals who handled the radiopharmaceutical.

Section 3: Disposal Information

This section documents the disposal of the radiopharmaceutical:

  • Date of Disposal: When the radiopharmaceutical was disposed of.
  • Method of Disposal: How the substance was disposed of (e.g., incineration, return to supplier).
  • Disposal Personnel: The individuals responsible for the disposal.

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DA FORM 4574-R – Radiopharmaceutical Record (LRA) is an essential tool for managing the use of radiopharmaceuticals in medical and military settings. Its comprehensive record-keeping ensures the safe and effective handling of these substances, maintaining high standards of safety and compliance. By understanding and properly utilizing this form, organizations can achieve better accountability and regulatory adherence in their radiopharmaceutical practices.

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