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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 4126 Fillable – Army Pubs 4126 PDFDA FORM 4126 – Bar To Continued Service is a crucial document within the United States Army, intended to prevent certain soldiers from continuing their service due to various reasons. This article delves into the specifics of this form, offering an educational overview and highlighting key aspects for those seeking to understand its purpose and application.

DA FORM 4126 – Bar To Continued Service

Form Number DA Form 4126
Form Title Bar To Continued Service
Form Date 04/01/2023
Form Proponent G-1

What is DA FORM 4126?

DA FORM 4126, titled Bar To Continued Service, is published by the G-1 and has been active since April 1, 2023. This form is a critical tool used by the Army to enforce standards and ensure that soldiers who do not meet certain criteria are barred from further service.

Key Details of DA FORM 4126

  • Pub/Form Number: DA FORM 4126
  • Pub/Form Date: 04/01/2023
  • Pub/Form Title: Bar To Continued Service
  • Pub/Form Proponent: G-1
  • Pub/Form Status: ACTIVE
  • Prescribing Directive: AR 601-280
  • Superseded/Replaced Other Pub/Form: Replaced DA FORM 4126, 10/01/2016
  • Security Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
  • Distribution Restriction Code: A (Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited)

Purpose and Application of DA FORM 4126

The primary purpose of DA FORM 4126 is to serve as a formal record that bars a soldier from continued service due to substandard performance or misconduct. It acts as a preventative measure ensuring that only qualified and capable individuals remain in service. This form is mandated by the Army Regulation AR 601-280, which outlines the criteria and procedures for its application.

Privacy and Security

The form includes a Privacy Statement to inform soldiers of the authority under which the information is collected, the purpose of the data, and how it will be used. The Security Classification of the form is UNCLASSIFIED, and it is approved for public release, meaning it can be distributed without restriction.

Process and Procedures

Initiating the Bar to Continued Service

The process of initiating a bar to continued service begins when a commanding officer identifies a soldier who fails to meet the Army’s standards. This could be due to:

  • Substandard performance
  • Repeated misconduct
  • Failure to progress in training or career development

The commanding officer must complete DA FORM 4126 and provide documented evidence supporting the decision.

Review and Approval

Once the form is completed, it is reviewed by the appropriate authorities to ensure all regulations and guidelines are followed. This review process involves:

  1. Initial Review: The immediate supervisor reviews the form and supporting documentation.
  2. Higher Command Review: The form is then forwarded to higher command levels for further scrutiny and approval.
  3. Final Decision: The final decision is made, and if approved, the soldier is formally barred from continued service.

Impact of a Bar to Continued Service

Being barred from continued service has significant implications for a soldier’s career. It can affect their future employment opportunities and may result in early discharge from the Army. Soldiers have the right to appeal the decision, and the appeal process is clearly outlined in AR 601-280.


DA FORM 4126 – Bar To Continued Service is a vital component in maintaining the quality and standards of the United States Army. By understanding its purpose, application, and the processes involved, individuals can better navigate the complexities associated with this form. The emphasis on documented evidence and thorough review processes ensures that decisions are fair and just, upholding the integrity of the Army’s service standards.

For those looking to gain a deeper understanding or to utilize DA FORM 4126, it’s crucial to familiarize oneself with AR 601-280 and other related directives to ensure compliance and proper application of the form.

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