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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 4069-SG Fillable – Army Pubs 4069-SG PDF – The DA FORM 4069-SG is a crucial document utilized within the U.S. Army’s procurement system, specifically designed for handling nonappropriated funds. This form plays a significant role in the solicitation, offer, and award processes for contracts involving these funds. Below, we delve into the specifics of this form, its purpose, and its application.

DA FORM 4069-SG – Solicitation, Offer, And Award (Nonappropriated Funds) (EGA)

Form Number DA Form 4069-SG
Form Title Solicitation, Offer, And Award (Nonappropriated Funds) (EGA)
Form Date 06/01/2021
Form Proponent G-9

What is DA FORM 4069-SG?


The DA FORM 4069-SG, officially titled “Solicitation, Offer, and Award (Nonappropriated Funds) (EGA),” is used to facilitate the procurement process for contracts funded by nonappropriated funds within the Army. This form ensures that the solicitation, offer, and award phases are clearly documented and standardized.

Publication Number: DA FORM 4069-SG
Publication Date: June 1, 2021
Status: Active

Purpose and Usage

The form is essential for managing contracts that are not covered by appropriated funds, allowing for a streamlined and transparent procurement process. It is available exclusively through the Army NAF Automated Procurement System, accessible at https://cloud.mwr.army.mil/snacs.net/security/logon.aspx.

Key Sections of DA FORM 4069-SG


Solicitation refers to the process of requesting bids or proposals from potential contractors. This section of the form outlines the requirements and criteria for submission, ensuring that all parties have a clear understanding of what is needed.


The Offer section captures the proposals submitted by contractors. It includes details such as pricing, delivery schedules, and compliance with specified requirements. This ensures that the Army can evaluate each offer on a comparable basis.


The Award section documents the decision-making process, including the selection of the winning bid. This ensures transparency and accountability in the awarding of contracts.

Proponent and Prescribing Directive


The G-9 is the designated proponent for this form, responsible for its oversight and updates. The G-9 ensures that the form meets the needs of the Army’s procurement processes and remains compliant with relevant regulations.

Prescribing Directive

The AR 215-4 prescribes the use of DA FORM 4069-SG, providing detailed guidance on its application and ensuring that it aligns with the Army’s broader procurement policies.

Security and Distribution

Security Classification

The form is classified as UNCLASSIFIED, making it accessible for public release. This classification facilitates transparency and broader accessibility for contractors and other stakeholders involved in the procurement process.


The distribution code A indicates that the form is approved for public release and can be distributed without restriction. This ensures that all potential contractors have equal access to the form and the opportunity to participate in the bidding process.

Historical Context and Changes

Superseded and Replaced Forms

The DA FORM 4069-SG replaced the previous version, DA FORM 4069, dated November 1, 2004. This update reflects the Army’s commitment to improving and streamlining its procurement processes over time.

Publication Identification

The form is identified with Pub/Form IDN 990001 and Pub/Form PIN 002557. These identifiers help in tracking and managing the form within the Army’s documentation system.

Accessing the Form

To access DA FORM 4069-SG, users must visit the Army NAF Automated Procurement System at https://cloud.mwr.army.mil/snacs.net/security/logon.aspx. This system ensures secure and efficient handling of procurement-related documents.


The DA FORM 4069-SG is a vital tool for the U.S. Army’s procurement activities involving nonappropriated funds. Its structured approach to solicitation, offer, and award processes ensures transparency, fairness, and efficiency. Understanding the purpose, sections, and application of this form is essential for contractors and Army personnel involved in procurement activities. By adhering to the guidelines and utilizing the form correctly, stakeholders can contribute to a smooth and effective procurement process.

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