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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 3974 Fillable – Army Pubs 3974 PDFDA FORM 3974, officially titled “Installation Block Ticket,” is a critical document used by the U.S. Army. Established on November 1, 1972, this form remains active and is essential in various administrative and operational aspects within military installations. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the DA FORM 3974, its purpose, and its usage in a clear and structured manner.

DA FORM 3974 – Installation Block Ticket

Form Number DA Form 3974
Form Title Installation Block Ticket
Form Date 11/01/1972
Form Proponent ASA (FM&C)

What is DA FORM 3974?

DA FORM 3974 is designed to streamline and formalize processes within U.S. Army installations. The form is produced solely in electronic media, as indicated by the footnote stating “42-ITEM ONLY PRODUCED IN ELECTRONIC MEDIA.” This approach reflects the Army’s commitment to efficiency and environmental sustainability by reducing paper usage.

Key Details of DA FORM 3974

  • Pub/Form Number: DA FORM 3974
  • Pub/Form Date: 11/01/1972
  • Pub/Form Proponent: ASA (FM&C)
  • Pub/Form Status: ACTIVE
  • Security Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
  • Pub/Form IDN: 990001
  • Pub/Form PIN: 002471

These details highlight the form’s accessibility and the unclassified nature of the information it carries, ensuring that it can be used widely within the Army without restriction.

Purpose and Usage of DA FORM 3974

The primary purpose of the DA FORM 3974 – Installation Block Ticket is to manage and record specific administrative tasks within military installations. This could involve logistical operations, inventory checks, or the scheduling of activities and resources. The standardized format helps maintain consistency and accuracy in record-keeping across various departments and units.

How DA FORM 3974 Enhances Operational Efficiency

  1. Streamlining Processes: By providing a uniform approach to documentation, the form reduces confusion and increases the speed at which tasks are completed.
  2. Enhancing Communication: It serves as a reliable communication tool between different departments, ensuring that all parties have access to the same information.
  3. Improving Record Keeping: The electronic format allows for easier storage, retrieval, and analysis of data, which is essential for effective decision-making and historical record-keeping.

Accessing and Utilizing DA FORM 3974

To access DA FORM 3974, individuals within the Army can refer to their unit’s administrative office or access the form through the Army’s electronic forms library. It is crucial to ensure that the most recent version of the form is used to avoid discrepancies.

Steps to Fill Out DA FORM 3974

  1. Download the Form: Obtain the latest version from the Army’s electronic forms library.
  2. Fill in the Required Information: Complete the form according to the instructions provided, ensuring all necessary fields are filled accurately.
  3. Review and Submit: Before submitting the form, review all the information for accuracy. Submit the completed form to the designated officer or department.


DA FORM 3974 – Installation Block Ticket is an essential tool in the U.S. Army’s administrative arsenal. Its role in facilitating efficient operations and communication within military installations cannot be understated. By understanding and correctly utilizing this form, personnel can significantly contribute to the streamlined and effective functioning of their units.

This informative approach ensures that anyone looking to understand or use DA FORM 3974 can do so effectively, enhancing their professional activities within the military structure.

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