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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 3950 Fillable – Army Pubs 3950 PDF – The DA FORM 3950 is a critical tool used by healthcare professionals within the military to record and monitor vital signs and other key health parameters. This form provides a structured and standardized approach to documenting crucial health data, which is essential for effective patient care and medical evaluations.

DA FORM 3950 – Flowsheet For Vital Signs And Other Parameters

Form Number DA Form 3950
Form Title Flowsheet For Vital Signs And Other Parameters
Form Date 06/02/1991
Form Proponent TSG

What Is DA FORM 3950?

DA FORM 3950, officially titled the Flowsheet for Vital Signs and Other Parameters, is a form prescribed by the U.S. Army Medical Department. It was reinstated and updated as of June 1, 1991. The form is designed to streamline the process of recording vital signs, ensuring that healthcare providers have clear and consistent data for analysis.

Key Features of DA FORM 3950

  • Publication Date: The form was last updated on June 2, 1991.
  • Status: It is currently an active form used across various medical facilities in the military.
  • Security and Distribution: The form is unclassified and approved for public release, allowing for widespread use without restriction.

Importance in Military Healthcare

DA FORM 3950 plays a vital role in military healthcare settings. It allows medical personnel to track a patient’s health over time and provides a comprehensive overview that supports clinical decisions. This flowsheet is particularly useful in settings where multiple healthcare providers might be involved in a patient’s care, ensuring continuity and clarity in the treatment process.

How to Use DA FORM 3950

Using DA FORM 3950 effectively requires understanding its structure and the types of information it is designed to capture.

Structure of the Form

The form is organized into several sections, each dedicated to different types of vital signs and health parameters. These typically include:

  • Temperature: Recording the patient’s body temperature.
  • Pulse: Noting the heart rate, including beats per minute.
  • Respiration: Documenting the respiratory rate.
  • Blood Pressure: Capturing systolic and diastolic blood pressures.
  • Other Parameters: Including additional vital signs like oxygen saturation and pain levels.

Best Practices for Recording Information

To ensure accuracy and reliability of the data captured on DA FORM 3950, healthcare providers should follow these guidelines:

  1. Use Consistent Units: Ensure that all measurements are recorded in standard units.
  2. Be Timely: Record the data at the prescribed times to monitor changes in the patient’s condition effectively.
  3. Double-Check for Accuracy: Verify all information to prevent errors in patient records.
  4. Maintain Readability: Write clearly to ensure that the information is easily readable by anyone who accesses the form.

Benefits of Using DA FORM 3950

The standardized approach to recording vital signs offered by DA FORM 3950 has several benefits:

  • Improved Patient Care: By providing a clear record of vital signs, healthcare providers can detect changes in a patient’s condition more quickly.
  • Enhanced Communication: The form allows for easy sharing of patient information among different healthcare professionals.
  • Efficient Record Keeping: Standardized forms reduce the risk of errors and make it easier to maintain comprehensive patient records.

Compliance with Regulations

DA FORM 3950 is prescribed by AR 40-66, which outlines the policies and procedures for medical record administration in the Army. By using this form, healthcare providers ensure compliance with military health system regulations, enhancing the overall quality of care.


DA FORM 3950 is an essential tool in the toolkit of military healthcare providers. By facilitating accurate and systematic recording of vital signs and other health parameters, this form plays a crucial role in monitoring patient health and supporting effective medical decisions. As healthcare continues to evolve, the importance of standardized documentation like DA FORM 3950 remains clear, underpinning efforts to provide the best possible care for military personnel.

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