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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 3887 Fillable – Army Pubs 3887 PDF – The DA FORM 3887 is an essential document used by the United States Army Nurse Corps. This form, titled “Nursing Department – Army Nurse Corps Data,” plays a vital role in the administration and organization of nursing services within the Army. As an unclassified document, DA FORM 3887 is accessible to the public and provides a standardized method for recording and retrieving nursing data. In this article, we will delve into the details of DA FORM 3887, its purpose, and its application within the Army Nurse Corps.

DA FORM 3887 – Nursing Department – Army Nurse Corps Data

Form Number DA Form 3887
Form Title Nursing Department – Army Nurse Corps Data
Form Date 04/01/2010
Form Proponent TSG

What is DA FORM 3887?

DA FORM 3887 is a document specifically designed for the Army Nurse Corps to manage and record essential nursing department data. Created and maintained by The Surgeon General (TSG), this form has been active since its publication date on April 1, 2010. The form adheres to the directive prescribed by AR 40-3, Medical, Dental, and Veterinary Care, and includes important privacy considerations as outlined by the Privacy Act Statement (AR 340-21).

Key Features of DA FORM 3887

DA FORM 3887 includes several features that make it a critical tool for the Army Nurse Corps:

  • Security Classification: The form is UNCLASSIFIED, making it available for public use and ensuring that it can be distributed without restriction.
  • Distribution Restriction: It has a distribution restriction code ‘A’, indicating it is approved for public release and unlimited distribution.
  • Electronic Media: As per the footnotes on the form, DA FORM 3887 is only produced in electronic media, aligning with modern data management practices.
  • Privacy Requirements: The form requires a Privacy Act Statement due to the sensitive nature of the data it handles.

Purpose of DA FORM 3887

The primary purpose of DA FORM 3887 is to record and manage data related to the nursing services within the Army Nurse Corps. This form allows for efficient data management and helps in:

  • Organizing nursing personnel data, including qualifications, assignments, and training.
  • Tracking the deployment of nursing staff and their roles in different units or operations.
  • Managing patient care records, ensuring that data is accurately recorded for future reference.
  • Facilitating communication between different departments within the Army Nurse Corps.

How DA FORM 3887 Supports the Army Nurse Corps

The Army Nurse Corps relies on DA FORM 3887 to maintain a high standard of nursing care. By standardizing the data collection process, the form ensures that:

  • There is a consistent approach to recording nursing activities.
  • Patient care is documented and reviewed for quality assurance.
  • Operational efficiency is maintained through clear and organized data management.

Utilizing DA FORM 3887

To effectively use DA FORM 3887, personnel within the Army Nurse Corps need to be familiar with its structure and content. Here are some steps to ensure proper use:

  1. Access the Form: As an electronic document, DA FORM 3887 can be accessed through the Army’s digital platforms.
  2. Complete the Form: Fill in the required information accurately, paying special attention to sections that are marked as mandatory.
  3. Review and Submit: Before submitting the form, review all the data to ensure accuracy. Follow the prescribed procedures for submission as outlined by AR 40-3.

Best Practices for DA FORM 3887

To maximize the effectiveness of DA FORM 3887, consider the following best practices:

  • Regular Updates: Keep the data up to date by making regular entries and adjustments as needed.
  • Training: Ensure that all personnel are trained in how to use the form correctly and understand its significance.
  • Security and Privacy: Adhere to privacy guidelines to protect sensitive information at all times.


DA FORM 3887 is more than just a form; it is a crucial tool that ensures the smooth operation of the Army Nurse Corps. By providing a standardized method for data entry and retrieval, DA FORM 3887 helps maintain the integrity of nursing data and supports the delivery of exceptional patient care. Whether you are a member of the Army Nurse Corps or a civilian looking to understand military nursing operations, DA FORM 3887 offers valuable insights into the organization and management of Army nursing services.

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