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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 3880-R Fillable – Army Pubs 3880-R PDF – The DA FORM 3880-R, known as the Improved Hawk Location/Status Report (LRA), is an essential document used within the U.S. Army to report the status and location of the Hawk missile system. This form plays a critical role in maintaining the operational readiness and effectiveness of this air defense system. In this article, we will delve into the specifics of the DA FORM 3880-R, exploring its purpose, structure, and importance in military operations.

DA FORM 3880-R – Improved Hawk Location/Status Report (LRA)

Form Number DA Form 3880-R
Form Title Improved Hawk Location/Status Report (LRA)
Form Date 07/01/1972
Form Proponent AMC

What is DA FORM 3880-R?

The DA FORM 3880-R is a standardized form used by the United States Army to provide detailed updates on the Improved Hawk missile system. The Hawk system is a medium-range, surface-to-air missile designed to target and neutralize aerial threats. The form is designed to ensure that all pertinent information regarding the location and operational status of these missile systems is accurately and systematically reported.

Key Information about DA FORM 3880-R

  • Pub/Form Number: DA FORM 3880-R
  • Pub/Form Date: 07/01/1972
  • Pub/Form Title: Improved Hawk Location/Status Report (LRA)
  • Pub/Form Proponent: AMC (Army Materiel Command)
  • Pub/Form Status: ACTIVE
  • Security Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
  • Distribution Restriction Code: A – Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited
  • Pub/Form IDN: 990001
  • Pub/Form PIN: 002385

This form is not only a critical tool for documentation but also an important resource for strategic planning and operational assessment.

Purpose of the DA FORM 3880-R

The primary purpose of the DA FORM 3880-R is to record and communicate the status and location of the Hawk missile units. This ensures that command structures are kept up-to-date with the operational capabilities and readiness of their air defense assets. Accurate reporting through this form is crucial for:

  • Monitoring the operational status of each Hawk missile launcher,
  • Tracking the location of missile systems to optimize defensive positioning,
  • Assessing maintenance needs and operational challenges,
  • Coordinating support and logistical efforts to maintain operational efficiency.

Importance in Military Operations

The Hawk missile system is a key component of the Army’s air defense strategy. The Improved Hawk Location/Status Report (LRA) enables commanders to make informed decisions about deploying these assets. By providing a clear and comprehensive overview of the system’s status, the DA FORM 3880-R aids in enhancing the responsiveness and effectiveness of air defense operations.

Structure of the DA FORM 3880-R

The DA FORM 3880-R is designed to be comprehensive yet user-friendly, ensuring that all relevant data can be efficiently recorded and interpreted. Key sections of the form include:

  • Unit Identification: Information about the unit operating the Hawk system.
  • Location Details: Precise coordinates and location description of the missile systems.
  • Operational Status: Current operational state of the Hawk units, including readiness levels and any limitations.
  • Maintenance and Issues: Details of maintenance requirements and any operational issues affecting the Hawk system.
  • Remarks Section: Additional notes and comments that can provide further context or specify urgent needs.

Utilizing DA FORM 3880-R in Professional Activities

For professionals involved in military operations, particularly those related to air defense, understanding how to correctly complete and interpret the DA FORM 3880-R is essential. Here are some tips for effective usage:

  1. Ensure Accuracy: Double-check all entries for precision, especially location coordinates and operational statuses.
  2. Regular Updates: Keep the form updated to reflect any changes in the status or location of the Hawk systems.
  3. Comprehensive Training: Ensure that personnel are trained in the importance and usage of this form to prevent operational delays.
  4. Use as a Planning Tool: Utilize the form’s data for strategic planning and operational adjustments.


The DA FORM 3880-R – Improved Hawk Location/Status Report (LRA) is a vital tool in the arsenal of the U.S. Army’s air defense strategy. It provides a structured and reliable method for reporting the critical details of the Hawk missile systems’ status and location. By maintaining comprehensive and accurate records through this form, military professionals can ensure the highest levels of readiness and effectiveness in their air defense operations.

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