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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 3857 Fillable – Army Pubs 3857 PDF – Understanding the complexities of logistics, especially when it involves bulk petroleum products, is critical for maintaining the efficiency and safety of operations. DA FORM 3857, titled Commercial Deliveries Of Bulk Petroleum Products Checklist, is a vital tool designed to streamline and ensure the accuracy of commercial petroleum deliveries. This article provides a detailed overview of this essential form, its purpose, and how to use it effectively in logistical operations.

DA FORM 3857 – Commercial Deliveries Of Bulk Petroleum Products Checklist

Form Number DA Form 3857
Form Title Commercial Deliveries Of Bulk Petroleum Products Checklist
Form Date 04/01/1972
Form Proponent G-4

What is DA FORM 3857?

DA FORM 3857 is a standardized document used by the United States Army to manage and record the commercial delivery of bulk petroleum products. Established on April 1, 1972, this form serves as a checklist to ensure that all necessary steps and precautions are taken during the delivery process, enhancing the safety and accuracy of these operations.

Key Details of DA FORM 3857

  • Pub/Form Number: DA FORM 3857
  • Pub/Form Date: 04/01/1972
  • Pub/Form Proponent: G-4
  • Pub/Form Status: ACTIVE
  • Prescribed Forms/Prescribing Directive: PAM 710-2-1
  • Security Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
  • Distribution Restriction Code: A (Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited)

This form is produced only in electronic media and is critical for ensuring the consistent and safe handling of petroleum product deliveries.

Importance of DA FORM 3857 in Military Logistics

Streamlining Petroleum Deliveries

DA FORM 3857 is essential for streamlining the process of commercial deliveries of petroleum. By providing a clear checklist, the form helps prevent common errors and ensures that all necessary procedures are followed. This is crucial in avoiding delays and maintaining the operational readiness of military units.

Enhancing Safety

The checklist format of DA FORM 3857 significantly enhances safety by outlining critical safety checks that must be completed before, during, and after the delivery of bulk petroleum products. This proactive approach helps to mitigate risks associated with the handling and storage of these highly flammable materials.

How to Use DA FORM 3857

Steps for Completing the Checklist

  1. Pre-Delivery Inspection: Before accepting any delivery, the responsible personnel must inspect the delivery vehicle and equipment. This includes checking for leaks, ensuring proper labeling, and verifying that the vehicle meets all safety standards.
  2. Document Verification: It is crucial to verify that all accompanying documents, such as invoices and delivery orders, match the actual products being delivered. This step prevents discrepancies and potential issues with supply chain records.
  3. Product Inspection: Upon delivery, the quality and quantity of the petroleum products must be inspected. This includes taking samples, measuring temperatures, and conducting other relevant tests to ensure the product meets all specified requirements.
  4. Post-Delivery Review: After the delivery, the checklist requires a final inspection to ensure that no contamination has occurred and that all equipment is functioning correctly. This step also includes updating inventory records to reflect the new delivery.

Tips for Effective Use

  • Always use the most recent version of DA FORM 3857 to ensure compliance with current guidelines.
  • Ensure that all personnel involved in the delivery process are trained on how to properly complete the checklist.
  • Maintain copies of completed checklists for record-keeping and auditing purposes.


DA FORM 3857 – Commercial Deliveries Of Bulk Petroleum Products Checklist plays a crucial role in maintaining the efficiency, safety, and accuracy of petroleum deliveries in military operations. By following the structured approach provided by this checklist, organizations can minimize risks and ensure that their operations run smoothly. Proper use of this form is a key step in the effective management of logistics and supply chain operations, particularly in settings that require the handling of hazardous materials like petroleum.

Understanding and implementing DA FORM 3857 is not only a best practice but also a necessity for those involved in the logistical aspects of military operations. By adhering to the guidelines and procedures outlined in this form, the Army ensures that its critical energy supplies are managed in the most efficient and safe manner possible.

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