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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 3787-R Fillable – Army Pubs 3787-R PDF – DA FORM 3787-R, also known as the Depot Report of Location Survey (LRA), is a critical document within the U.S. Army’s logistics and inventory management processes. This form is actively used to ensure accurate and thorough surveys of depot operations. Published by the Army Materiel Command (AMC), it has been an integral part of military procedures since its introduction on September 1, 1971.

DA FORM 3787-R – Depot Report Of Location Survey (LRA)

Form Number DA Form 3787-R
Form Title Depot Report Of Location Survey (LRA)
Form Date 09/01/1971
Form Proponent AMC

What is DA FORM 3787-R?

DA FORM 3787-R is an unclassified form that provides a structured framework for recording the findings of location surveys conducted at Army depots. These surveys are essential for assessing the condition and management of inventory, and for identifying any discrepancies or areas that require improvement.

Key Features of DA FORM 3787-R

  • Form Number: DA FORM 3787-R
  • Publication Date: September 1, 1971
  • Title: Depot Report of Location Survey (LRA)
  • Proponent: Army Materiel Command (AMC)
  • Status: ACTIVE
  • Distribution Restriction: Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited

Purpose of the Form

The primary purpose of the DA FORM 3787-R is to document the outcomes of location surveys at depots. These surveys help in:

  • Identifying discrepancies: Ensuring that physical stock matches records.
  • Assessing the condition of stored items: Evaluating if the materials are stored under suitable conditions.
  • Recommending improvements: Suggesting changes to enhance efficiency and accuracy in inventory management.

How to Use DA FORM 3787-R

Using DA FORM 3787-R involves several steps, each of which plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of depot operations.

Filling Out the Form

  1. Survey Details: Enter the date, location, and team involved in the survey.
  2. Inventory Inspection: Detail the types of materials inspected and their conditions.
  3. Discrepancy Reporting: Note any differences between the physical inventory and the records.
  4. Recommendations: Provide actionable advice based on the survey findings.

After the Survey

Once the survey is completed, the DA FORM 3787-R should be reviewed by senior depot officials to initiate any necessary actions. This might include:

  • Reconciliation of Records: Adjusting records to reflect actual stock levels.
  • Policy Adjustments: Updating procedures to prevent future discrepancies.
  • Physical Adjustments: Rearranging storage to optimize space and preserve material conditions.

Importance of DA FORM 3787-R in Military Logistics

DA FORM 3787-R plays a vital role in the logistical framework of the Army by ensuring that:

  • Inventory is Accurate: Helps maintain precise records of materials and equipment.
  • Efficiency is Optimized: Highlights areas where processes can be improved.
  • Accountability is Maintained: Ensures that discrepancies are identified and addressed promptly.


DA FORM 3787-R, the Depot Report of Location Survey, is more than just a form; it is a tool that ensures the U.S. Army’s depots are run efficiently and effectively. By meticulously documenting the findings of location surveys, this form helps maintain the integrity of the Army’s logistical operations, ensuring that every piece of equipment and material is accounted for and in its rightful place.

Understanding and utilizing DA FORM 3787-R effectively is essential for those involved in the management of military depots, contributing significantly to the overall readiness and operational capability of the Army.

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