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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 3780 Fillable – Army Pubs 3780 PDF – The DA FORM 3778-1, commonly known as the Loose Issue Label, is a crucial document used exclusively by DARCOM SPEEDEX Depots within the Continental United States (CONUS). This form plays an essential role in the logistics and supply chain operations of the Army Material Command (AMC). In this article, we will delve into the specifics of DA FORM 3778-1, its usage, and why it remains an active and vital form in military logistics.

DA FORM 3780 – Pallet Count

Form Number DA Form 3780
Form Title Pallet Count
Form Date 3780
Form Proponent AMC

What is DA FORM 3778-1?

DA FORM 3778-1, titled “Loose Issue Label (For Use By Darcom Speedex Depots, CONUS Only)”, is a standardized form prescribed by the Army Material Command (AMC). Introduced on September 1, 1971, this form has been actively used to streamline and label loose issue items within DARCOM SPEEDEX depots.

Key Features of DA FORM 3778-1

  • Pub/Form Number: DA FORM 3778-1
  • Pub/Form Date: 09/01/1971
  • Title: Loose Issue Label (For Use By Darcom Speedex Depots, CONUS Only)
  • Proponent: AMC (Army Material Command)
  • Status: Active
  • Security Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
  • Distribution Restriction: Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited (Dist Restriction Code A)
  • Pub/Form IDN: 990001
  • Pub/Form PIN: 007595

Usage of DA FORM 3778-1

Organizing Supplies and Equipment

The Loose Issue Label, DA FORM 3778-1, is primarily used to label and identify loose issue items in storage and transit within DARCOM SPEEDEX depots. These depots are part of a network designed to enhance the efficiency of distributing military supplies throughout the United States.

Streamlining Operations

By using DA FORM 3778-1, depots can ensure a consistent approach to labeling that supports quick identification, sorting, and distribution of materials. This form helps in reducing errors and improving the speed of operations within the logistics framework.

Importance of DA FORM 3778-1 in Military Logistics

Ensuring Consistency and Accuracy

The use of DA FORM 3778-1 allows for a uniform labeling system that enhances the organizational capabilities of the depots. This consistency is crucial for maintaining the accuracy of inventories and ensuring that supplies reach their intended destinations without delay.

Supporting Speed and Efficiency

The design and implementation of the Loose Issue Label under the DARCOM SPEEDEX program highlight the focus on speed and efficiency. By standardizing the labeling process, the Army can minimize the time spent on manual data entry and item verification.


DA FORM 3778-1 is more than just a label; it is a testament to the structured and efficient processes that underpin the United States Army’s logistics operations. As an active form with a clear role in the DARCOM SPEEDEX depots, it supports the broader goals of operational readiness and supply chain management. Whether you are a logistics officer, a supply chain analyst, or simply interested in military logistics, understanding the use and importance of the Loose Issue Label is essential for appreciating the complexities of military operations within CONUS.

For those looking to further explore or utilize this form, it is readily available under its UNCLASSIFIED status, with unrestricted public release ensuring that it can be accessed and implemented in a variety of settings to enhance logistical operations.

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