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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 3703-R Fillable – Army Pubs 3703-R PDF – In the realm of product quality inspection within the U.S. Army, DA FORM 3703-R, also known as the Product Quality Inspection Summary (LRA), plays a crucial role. This form is a standardized document used by the Army Material Command (AMC) to ensure that products meet specified quality standards before they are distributed or utilized in various military operations. Here’s an in-depth look at this essential form, its purpose, and how it’s used in the military’s logistical processes.

DA FORM 3703-R – Product Quality Inspection Summary (LRA)

Form Number DA Form 3703-R
Form Title Product Quality Inspection Summary (LRA)
Form Date 08/01/1978
Form Proponent AMC

What Is DA FORM 3703-R?

DA FORM 3703-R is an official document used by the U.S. Army to summarize the inspections of product quality, specifically under the Logistic Readiness Agency (LRA) protocols. Created and maintained by the Army Material Command (AMC), this form has been an active part of military procedures since its publication date on August 1, 1978.

Key Features of DA FORM 3703-R

The form includes multiple sections designed to capture detailed information about the inspected products, including:

  • Identification of the inspected product: This includes details like the product name, model, serial number, and other identifiers that are crucial for tracking and record-keeping.
  • Inspection results: This section records the outcomes of the quality checks, noting any defects or compliance issues found during the inspection.
  • Inspector information: Details about the individual or team conducting the inspection, including their names and roles, are recorded to maintain accountability.
  • Recommendations and actions: Based on the inspection results, this part outlines any recommended actions or follow-up measures needed to address identified issues.

Purpose and Usage of DA FORM 3703-R

The primary purpose of DA FORM 3703-R is to provide a comprehensive summary of product quality inspections. This ensures that all products used by the Army meet their rigorous standards for quality and reliability.

How It Supports Military Operations

  • Quality Assurance: By documenting the inspection of products, DA FORM 3703-R helps maintain high standards of quality assurance in military supplies.
  • Operational Readiness: Ensuring that all equipment and products are in optimal condition supports the overall readiness of military operations.
  • Record-Keeping and Accountability: The form serves as an official record, aiding in future audits, reviews, and accountability processes.

Structure and Content of DA FORM 3703-R

DA FORM 3703-R is structured to provide clear and organized information about the inspection process. Here’s what you can expect from the form:

Sections of DA FORM 3703-R

  1. Product Details: This section captures the essential details about the product being inspected.
  2. Inspection Criteria and Results: Here, the specific criteria checked during the inspection are listed, alongside the results for each criterion.
  3. Inspector’s Summary: The inspector provides a summary of the findings and any necessary comments or observations.
  4. Follow-Up Actions: Details any corrective actions or follow-up steps recommended as a result of the inspection.

Accessibility and Distribution

DA FORM 3703-R is unclassified and approved for public release (Distribution is unlimited, as per the Dist Restriction Code A). This accessibility ensures that all relevant personnel can utilize and refer to the form without facing security restrictions.

Electronic Availability

In keeping with modern practices, DA FORM 3703-R is also produced in electronic media, aligning with footnote 41 which states that the item is available in electronic format. This makes it easier to distribute, fill, and store the form digitally, enhancing efficiency and accessibility.


DA FORM 3703-R – Product Quality Inspection Summary (LRA) is a vital tool in the U.S. Army’s efforts to maintain the highest standards of product quality. By providing a structured and detailed way to record inspection outcomes, this form plays a key role in ensuring that all military products are ready and reliable for use in any operation. Whether used in paper form or electronically, DA FORM 3703-R is an indispensable part of the military’s quality assurance and operational readiness strategy.

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