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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 3479-15 Fillable – Army Pubs 3479-15 PDF – The DA FORM 3479-15, often referred to as the Commander’s Task List (ATS) for the AN/TSQ-198 Tactical Terminal Control System (TTCS) Operator, is a critical document used by the U.S. Army to ensure the preparedness and proficiency of operators working with the AN/TSQ-198 TTCS. Developed by the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), this form plays a vital role in the standardization and execution of tasks related to this sophisticated equipment.

DA FORM 3479-15 – Commander’s Task List (ATS) An/Tsq-198 Tactical Terminal Control System (TTCS) Operator

Form Number DA Form 3479-15
Form Title Commander’s Task List (ATS) An/Tsq-198 Tactical Terminal Control System (TTCS) Operator
Form Date 10/01/2019
Form Proponent TRADOC

Overview of DA FORM 3479-15

Key Details of the Form

DA FORM 3479-15 was published on October 1, 2019, replacing the earlier version from June 1, 2003. This form is part of a broader effort to maintain up-to-date operational standards and procedures. The form is unclassified and approved for public release, making it accessible for educational and informational purposes.

Purpose of the Commander’s Task List

The primary purpose of DA FORM 3479-15 is to provide commanders and operators with a comprehensive list of tasks that are essential for the effective use of the AN/TSQ-198 Tactical Terminal Control System. This system is pivotal in managing and coordinating tactical operations, and the form ensures that all operators are proficient in their roles and responsibilities.

Structure of DA FORM 3479-15

Sections of the Form

DA FORM 3479-15 is meticulously structured to guide users through various operational tasks. Each task is outlined with specific steps, expected outcomes, and evaluation criteria. This structure aids in the systematic training and assessment of personnel.

Importance of Standardization

The standardization provided by DA FORM 3479-15 ensures that all operators across different units can perform tasks with the same level of expertise and precision. This consistency is crucial for the interoperability of units during joint operations and exercises.

Training and Implementation

Prescribed Training Directive

The form is prescribed by TC 3-04.15, which outlines the training guidelines and methodologies for operators. This directive ensures that the training is aligned with current operational demands and technological advancements.

Role of Commanders and Instructors

Commanders and instructors use DA FORM 3479-15 to evaluate and certify the competency of operators. The detailed task list enables focused training sessions that are tailored to develop specific skills required for operating the AN/TSQ-198 TTCS.

Key Competencies Highlighted in DA FORM 3479-15

Operational Skills

The form emphasizes a range of operational skills from basic setup and initialization of the system to advanced tactical operations. Operators are trained to handle various scenarios that they might encounter in real-world missions.

Communication and Coordination

Effective use of the AN/TSQ-198 TTCS requires excellent communication and coordination skills. DA FORM 3479-15 includes tasks that enhance these skills, ensuring that operators can effectively interact with other military assets and units.


DA FORM 3479-15 is an essential tool in the training and certification of operators for the AN/TSQ-198 Tactical Terminal Control System. By providing a clear and structured list of tasks, the form helps maintain high standards of operational readiness. The continued use of this form underlines the Army’s commitment to ensuring that its personnel are well-prepared to meet the challenges of modern military operations.

Understanding and utilizing DA FORM 3479-15 effectively is crucial for commanders, operators, and instructors who are involved in the tactical operations of the U.S. Army. The form not only guides training but also supports the strategic goal of achieving a consistently high level of performance across all units.

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DA FORM 3479-15 - Commander's Task List (ATS) An-Tsq-198 Tactical Terminal Control System (TTCS) Operator