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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 3266-1 Fillable – Army Pubs 3266-1 PDF – The DA FORM 3266-1, also known as the Army Missile Materiel Readiness Report, is an essential document used by the United States Army to assess and report the readiness of missile materiel. This form plays a critical role in maintaining the operational effectiveness of the Army’s missile systems. Here, we provide a detailed look at DA FORM 3266-1, its purpose, and how it is used within the Army’s logistical framework.

DA FORM 3266-1 – Army Missile Materiel Readiness Report

Form Number DA Form 3266-1
Form Title Army Missile Materiel Readiness Report
Form Date 04/01/1993
Form Proponent G-4

What is DA FORM 3266-1?

DA FORM 3266-1 is a standardized form used by the United States Army to report on the readiness status of missile materiel. Created under the pub/form number DA FORM 3266-1 and titled ARMY MISSILE MATERIEL READINESS REPORT, this document helps commanders and maintenance units track the operational status and readiness of missile systems.

Key Information About DA FORM 3266-1

  • Pub/Form Date: The form was published on April 1, 1993.
  • Pub/Form Proponent: The proponent of this form is G-4, the Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics.
  • Pub/Form Status: The form is currently active and in use.
  • Prescribed Forms/Prescribing Directive: DA FORM 3266-1 is prescribed by AR 700-138.
  • Security Classification: The document is UNCLASSIFIED and approved for public release with distribution being unlimited (Dist Restriction Code A).

Importance of the Form

The DA FORM 3266-1 is vital for ensuring that missile systems are operational, reliable, and ready for deployment at any time. By providing a structured way to report materiel readiness, the Army can make informed decisions about maintenance, upgrades, and resource allocation.

How DA FORM 3266-1 Is Used

The DA FORM 3266-1 is used by various units within the Army to report the status of missile materiel. The data collected from these forms helps the Army maintain a high level of readiness and operational capability.

Reporting Process

  1. Data Collection: Units responsible for missile systems gather data about their operational status.
  2. Form Completion: The collected data is entered into DA FORM 3266-1, detailing the readiness state of each missile system.
  3. Analysis and Decision Making: Higher command uses the information from the forms to make strategic decisions about resource distribution and maintenance planning.

Components of DA FORM 3266-1

The form includes several sections that cover different aspects of missile materiel readiness:

  • Unit Identification: Information about the unit reporting the readiness status.
  • Missile System Details: Specifics about the type and model of missile systems being reported.
  • Readiness Status: Detailed reporting on the operational status, including any limitations or deficiencies.

Benefits of Using DA FORM 3266-1

Using DA FORM 3266-1 provides several advantages:

  • Enhanced Readiness: It allows for continuous monitoring and quick adjustment of resources to maintain missile readiness.
  • Improved Maintenance: By tracking issues and operational status, the Army can plan effective maintenance and reduce system downtime.
  • Strategic Planning: The aggregated data from these reports aids in strategic planning and resource allocation to enhance overall mission capability.


DA FORM 3266-1 – Army Missile Materiel Readiness Report is a crucial tool in the United States Army’s logistics and maintenance framework. By providing a clear and structured way to report missile materiel readiness, it helps ensure that the Army’s missile systems are prepared for any mission. Understanding and utilizing this form is essential for maintaining the operational effectiveness of the Army’s strategic assets.

For those in the military or defense logistics sectors, familiarizing oneself with the DA FORM 3266-1 and its uses is an important step towards enhancing mission readiness and operational success.

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