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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 3023 Fillable – Army Pubs 3023 PDF – DA FORM 3023, also known as the Gage Record, serves as a vital document within the United States Army’s inventory management system. Originally published on 07/01/1965, this form is currently maintained by the Army Materiel Command (AMC) and is considered active.

DA FORM 3023 – Gage Record

Form Number DA Form 3023
Form Title Gage Record
Form Date 07/01/1965
Form Proponent AMC

Key Components of DA FORM 3023

Understanding the layout and key sections of the form is essential for proper utilization and documentation.

Identification Section

The form begins with an identification section where essential details such as serial numbersgage names, and manufacturers are recorded. This section provides a quick reference for identifying specific gauges within the inventory.

Usage Log

One of the crucial aspects of DA FORM 3023 is its usage log. Here, users document datestimes, and activities related to the deployment and utilization of gauges. This log serves as a historical record, aiding in traceability and maintenance scheduling.

Inspection and Maintenance Records

Maintenance and inspection records are meticulously documented on the form. This includes dates of inspectionfindings, and actions taken to ensure the functionality and accuracy of the gauges. Proper maintenance practices outlined on DA FORM 3023 are vital for prolonging the lifespan of these critical instruments.

Importance of DA FORM 3023 in Military Operations

Accountability and Efficiency

In military operations, precision and efficiency are paramount. DA FORM 3023 enhances accountability by providing a clear record of gauge usage and maintenance activities. This transparency enables commanders to make informed decisions regarding resource allocation and readiness.

Compliance with Standards

The Army operates under stringent standards and regulations to maintain operational readiness. DA FORM 3023 facilitates compliance with these standards by ensuring that gauges are properly maintained, calibrated, and utilized according to established protocols.

Enhanced Safety

Properly calibrated and maintained gauges contribute to the safety of military personnel and equipment. By adhering to the guidelines outlined on DA FORM 3023, the risk of errors due to faulty measurements or equipment malfunction is significantly reduced.


In conclusion, DA FORM 3023 – Gage Record plays a crucial role in the management of gauges within the United States Army. By providing a standardized framework for documentation and tracking, this form enhances accountability, efficiency, and safety in military operations. Adherence to the guidelines outlined on DA FORM 3023 ensures compliance with established standards and contributes to the overall readiness of Army units.

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