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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 2978 Fillable – Army Pubs 2978 PDFDA FORM 2978, officially titled “Container and Dunnage Fabrication Work Order,” is a vital document used by the United States Army. This form plays a crucial role in the logistics and supply chain management within the military, specifically in the fabrication and repair of containers and dunnage. As an active and unclassified form, it is essential for personnel involved in these operations to understand its use and significance thoroughly.

DA FORM 2978 – Container And Dunnage Fabrication Work Order

Form Number DA Form 2978
Form Title Container And Dunnage Fabrication Work Order
Form Date 06/01/1965
Form Proponent AMC

Purpose of DA FORM 2978

DA FORM 2978 is designed to organize and facilitate the process of container and dunnage fabrication. Containers and dunnage are essential for the safe and secure transport of materials and equipment, ensuring they reach their destinations undamaged. The form helps in detailing work orders, specifying the materials needed, and providing instructions for the construction or repair of these items.

Key Features of the Form

The form was first introduced on June 1, 1965, and remains a crucial tool in military logistics. It is governed by the Army Materiel Command (AMC), highlighting its importance in material handling and logistics. The form’s status is active, and it is available only in electronic media, as indicated by footnote 42.

Structure and Content of DA FORM 2978

The DA FORM 2978 includes several fields that must be completed to issue a work order for container and dunnage fabrication. These fields typically include:

  • Identification of the Requesting Unit: Details about the unit requesting the fabrication or repair work.
  • Specifications of Materials and Dimensions: Precise details about the materials required and the dimensions of the containers or dunnage.
  • Fabrication Instructions: Step-by-step instructions on how to carry out the fabrication or repairs.
  • Authorization and Approval: Signatures and approvals from authorized personnel to commence work.

Distribution and Security

The form is classified as UNCLASSIFIED but holds a distribution restriction code of A, meaning it is approved for public release and distribution is unlimited. This classification ensures that while the form is accessible, the contents related to specific military operations are controlled and safeguarded.

Importance of Compliance and Accuracy

Ensuring accuracy and compliance in filling out DA FORM 2978 is crucial. Errors can lead to miscommunication, resulting in the improper fabrication of critical transport and storage materials. It is imperative that personnel responsible for completing the form are thoroughly trained and knowledgeable about the process and requirements.

Training and Resources

Personnel should be provided with adequate training on how to correctly fill out and process DA FORM 2978. Resources such as manuals or online tutorials can assist in this training, ensuring that all involved parties are familiar with the procedures and importance of accurate form completion.


DA FORM 2978 – Container And Dunnage Fabrication Work Order is a fundamental document in the logistics operations of the U.S. Army, crucial for ensuring that materials and equipment are transported securely. By understanding and properly utilizing this form, military personnel can maintain the high standards required for operational success. This document not only facilitates logistical efficiency but also supports the broader goals of military readiness and effectiveness.

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