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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 2947-R Fillable – Army Pubs 2947-R PDFDA FORM 2947-R, titled Analysis of Balances in Suspense (LRA), is a crucial document utilized within the U.S. Army’s financial management sector. As of its last publication date on December 1, 1987, this form has been actively employed to maintain and analyze financial balances held in suspense accounts. Managed by the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Financial Management and Comptroller (ASA FM&C), DA FORM 2947-R serves a vital role in ensuring financial accuracy and transparency.

DA FORM 2947-R – Analysis Of Balances In Suspense (LRA)

Form Number DA Form 2947-R
Form Title Analysis Of Balances In Suspense (LRA)
Form Date 12/01/1987
Form Proponent ASA (FM&C)

Purpose of DA FORM 2947-R

The primary purpose of DA FORM 2947-R is to monitor and report on balances within suspense accounts. These accounts are essential for temporary holding of funds whose final disposition is pending determination. This form facilitates the detailed examination of such funds, enabling financial officers to track the status of financial resources accurately and ensure they are allocated to the correct departments or purposes once cleared.

Importance of Managing Suspense Accounts

Suspense accounts are critical in financial management as they help segregate uncertain or unallocated funds from the regular financial operations until their proper classification is confirmed. Effective management of these accounts is paramount to maintain the integrity and accuracy of an organization’s financial statements.

Features of DA FORM 2947-R

DA FORM 2947-R is designated as UNCLASSIFIED and has been approved for public release, making it accessible for educational and professional use under the Dist Restriction Code A. This form is also available in electronic media, reflecting its adaptation to modern digital financial practices.

Accessibility and Distribution

The form’s status as Approved for Public Release and its unlimited distribution capability ensure that it is readily available to personnel within the Army’s financial management community, as well as to the broader public interested in understanding military financial operations.

Utilizing DA FORM 2947-R in Financial Operations

In practice, DA FORM 2947-R is used by financial managers and accountants within the Army to conduct detailed analyses of funds temporarily held in suspense accounts. The analysis helps in decision-making concerning the release or further investigation of these funds.

Steps for Filling Out DA FORM 2947-R

To effectively utilize the form, users must:

  1. Identify the balance amounts in each suspense account.
  2. Provide a detailed analysis of why these amounts are held in suspense.
  3. Suggest next steps for resolving the suspense status.

This structured approach helps maintain systematic financial management and supports the Army’s overarching goals of fiscal responsibility and accountability.


DA FORM 2947-R – Analysis of Balances in Suspense (LRA) is a fundamental tool in the U.S. Army’s financial management arsenal. By facilitating meticulous tracking and management of suspense accounts, this form helps ensure the accurate and transparent handling of funds awaiting allocation or clarification. As such, it is an indispensable resource for financial officers in the Army and other interested entities aiming to understand or manage government finances effectively.

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