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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 2946-R Fillable – Army Pubs 2946-R PDF – The DA Form 2946-R, commonly known as the 40-MM Grenade Launcher Scorecard, is an essential document used by the U.S. Army. This form plays a pivotal role in tracking and evaluating the proficiency of personnel operating 40-mm grenade launchers. It is a critical tool for ensuring that operators are competent in handling this powerful weaponry effectively and safely.

DA FORM 2946-R – 40-MM Grenade Launcher Scorecard

Form Number DA Form 2946-R
Form Title 40-MM Grenade Launcher Scorecard
Form Date 02/01/2007
Form Proponent TRADOC

Overview of DA Form 2946-R

The DA Form 2946-R was introduced on February 1, 2007, and remains an active document within the military’s administrative arsenal. Managed by the Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), the form adheres to the guidelines prescribed by TM 3-22.31, which details the training and operational standards for grenade launchers.

Key Features of the Form

The scorecard is uniquely designed to assess various competencies related to the operation of the 40-mm grenade launcher. These include aiming, firing accuracy, tactical reloading, and adherence to safety protocols. By quantifying these skills, the scorecard provides a structured evaluation tool that contributes to the overall effectiveness and readiness of military personnel.

Distribution and Accessibility

The form is classified as UNCLASSIFIED and carries a Distribution Restriction Code of ‘A’, which means it is approved for public release and there is no limitation on its distribution. This openness ensures that all relevant personnel can access and utilize the scorecard without barriers.

Importance of the 40-MM Grenade Launcher Scorecard

The 40-MM Grenade Launcher Scorecard is more than just a form; it is a vital component of military training and operational readiness. It allows commanders and trainers to monitor the progress and proficiency of soldiers, ensuring that they meet the rigorous standards required for operating complex weaponry.

Training and Evaluation

Using the DA Form 2946-R facilitates a systematic approach to training. It helps in identifying areas where soldiers excel and aspects where they may need additional training. This targeted approach not only enhances individual skills but also contributes to the overall combat readiness of military units.

Safety and Efficiency

The scorecard emphasizes not only skill and accuracy but also the safe handling of grenade launchers. This focus on safety is crucial in preventing accidents and ensuring the well-being of both the operator and others during both training and operational engagements.

Conclusion: A Tool for Enhanced Military Proficiency

The DA Form 2946-R – 40-MM Grenade Launcher Scorecard is an indispensable tool in the arsenal of the U.S. Army’s training and operational framework. By providing a clear and structured way to assess and record the proficiency of grenade launcher operators, it ensures that these powerful weapons are used effectively and safely. For military personnel, understanding and utilizing this form is synonymous with achieving and maintaining the high standards required for modern warfare.

As the world of military operations evolves, tools like the DA Form 2946-R will continue to play a critical role in preparing soldiers for the challenges of the battlefield, reinforcing the U.S. Army’s commitment to excellence and safety.

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