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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 2873-R Fillable – Army Pubs 2873-R PDF – DA FORM 2873-R, commonly known as the License of Invention (LRA), is an essential document utilized within the United States Army for managing the licensing of inventions. This article provides a comprehensive overview of this form, outlining its purpose, the processes involved, and its significance in the broader context of military and defense innovations.

DA FORM 2873-R – License Of Invention (LRA)

Form Number DA Form 2873-R
Form Title License Of Invention (LRA)
Form Date 04/01/1993
Form Proponent TJAG

Overview of DA FORM 2873-R

Purpose and Significance

The License of Invention (LRA), designated as DA FORM 2873-R, is a crucial instrument for the legal administration of intellectual property created under the auspices of the Army. Instituted on April 1, 1993, the form facilitates the licensing of inventions to entities both within and outside the Department of Defense. This ensures that innovations developed within the Army can be effectively utilized, thus promoting a culture of advancement and collaboration.

Key Details of the Form

DA FORM 2873-R is actively maintained by The Judge Advocate General (TJAG) and is governed by the directive AR 27-60. The form is unclassified and available for public release, allowing for broad distribution and access, which is essential for fostering transparency and collaboration in military innovation.

Using DA FORM 2873-R

Eligibility and Application

The primary users of this form are Army personnel who are involved in the invention process, as well as external parties interested in the commercial application of Army-developed technologies. To apply for a license, one must thoroughly complete DA FORM 2873-R, providing detailed information about the invention and the proposed use of the technology.

Process and Documentation

Applicants must provide evidence of their ability to commercially exploit the invention, which includes demonstrating a viable business plan and the potential for production. The licensing process is thorough to ensure that inventions are used ethically and in ways that benefit the public and the national interest.

Importance of DA FORM 2873-R in Military Innovations

Promoting Innovation

DA FORM 2873-R plays a pivotal role in promoting innovation within the Army. By allowing the transfer of technology to the private sector and other parts of the government, it ensures that inventions can reach markets and applications where they can serve the greatest good.

Strategic Advantages

The strategic use of licensing agreements facilitated by DA FORM 2873-R helps the Army to leverage its technological advancements, potentially leading to better equipment, improved security measures, and enhanced operational capabilities. This form not only supports military readiness but also contributes to national security.


In conclusion, DA FORM 2873-R – License of Invention (LRA) is a fundamental tool in the management of Army-developed intellectual property. Its role in facilitating the licensing of inventions ensures that the innovative technologies developed within the Army are utilized to their fullest potential, promoting not only military efficiency but also economic growth and public welfare. As such, understanding and effectively using DA FORM 2873-R is essential for those involved in defense-related research and development.

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