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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 285-W Fillable – Army Pubs 285-W PDF – The DA FORM 285-W, formally known as the Technical Report of U.S. Army Ground Mishap Summary of Witness Interview, is an essential document used by the U.S. Army to record witness interviews following ground mishaps. This article delves into the importance, structure, and usage of this form, providing a detailed guide for individuals looking to understand or utilize DA FORM 285-W in their professional activities.

DA FORM 285-W – Technical Report Of U.S. Army Ground Mishap Summary Of Witness Interview

Form Number DA Form 285-W
Form Title Technical Report Of U.S. Army Ground Mishap Summary Of Witness Interview
Form Date 07/1/2023
Form Proponent DAS

Overview of DA FORM 285-W

What is DA FORM 285-W?

DA FORM 285-W is a critical tool in the U.S. Army’s safety and accident investigation procedures. It is specifically designed to capture comprehensive witness accounts of ground mishaps, which are crucial for understanding how and why an incident occurred. The form helps in identifying potential safety lapses and areas for improvement in operational procedures.

Publication and Status

The form was last updated on July 1, 2023, and is currently active. It supersedes the previous edition dated February 1, 2009. As an unclassified document, DA FORM 285-W is approved for public release, allowing for unlimited distribution under the Dist Restriction Code A.

Importance of DA FORM 285-W in Mishap Investigations

Role in Safety Management

The DA FORM 285-W plays a pivotal role in the Army’s broader safety management system. It ensures that detailed and accurate information is gathered directly from those who witnessed the mishap. This information is critical in conducting thorough mishap investigations, ultimately contributing to the development of strategies to prevent future accidents.

Contribution to Continuous Improvement

By systematically documenting witness interviews, the form aids in the continuous improvement of safety protocols and operational procedures. The insights gained from these interviews can lead to significant changes in training, policy, and practice within the Army, enhancing overall safety and effectiveness.

How to Use DA FORM 285-W

Filling Out the Form

Completing the DA FORM 285-W requires attention to detail and an understanding of the context of the mishap. Interviewers must ensure that witness statements are captured accurately and comprehensively. This involves asking the right questions to elucidate the sequence of events and the conditions leading up to the mishap.

Key Sections and Information Captured

The form includes several sections designed to gather specific information about the mishap, including the location, time, and conditions at the scene, as well as detailed witness accounts of the event. Each section must be filled out meticulously to ensure that the report is comprehensive and useful for future reference.

Privacy Act Statement

The DA FORM 285-W includes a Privacy Act Statement. This statement outlines how personal information collected from witnesses will be used and protected. It is crucial for maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of individuals involved in the mishap while allowing for necessary transparency in the investigation process.


The DA FORM 285-W is a vital document in the U.S. Army’s efforts to enhance safety through detailed mishap analysis. By effectively capturing and analyzing witness testimonials, the Army can improve its operational procedures and safety measures, thereby reducing the likelihood of future mishaps. Understanding how to properly complete and utilize this form is essential for all personnel involved in Army safety management and mishap investigations.

Professionals looking to learn more about DA FORM 285-W or involved in mishap investigations should ensure they are familiar with the latest form and its proper usage, contributing to a safer and more efficient operational environment.

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