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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 2707 Fillable – Army Pubs 2707 PDF – For many individuals working within or alongside the U.S. Army, understanding and utilizing specific forms is a critical aspect of their duties. DA FORM 2707, titled “Dry Cleaning List (For Piece Rate Patrons),” is one such document that plays a pivotal role in managing dry cleaning services efficiently. This article provides a comprehensive look at DA FORM 2707, helping you to understand its purpose, structure, and usage.

DA FORM 2707 – Dry Cleaning List (For Piece Rate Patrons)

Form Number DA Form 2707
Form Title Dry Cleaning List (For Piece Rate Patrons)
Form Date 09/01/2010
Form Proponent G-4

What is DA FORM 2707?

Overview and Purpose

DA FORM 2707 serves as an organizational tool for both military personnel and authorized civilians who use piece-rate dry cleaning services. Issued on September 1, 2010, the form is designed to streamline the process of submitting and tracking dry cleaning items, ensuring a clear and organized method for both patrons and service providers.

Key Features

The form is categorized as UNCLASSIFIED and is approved for public release, meaning it can be accessed and utilized without restrictions related to security. The form’s layout is tailored to ensure that all necessary information is captured succinctly, promoting ease of use and preventing common errors during submission.

Understanding the Structure of DA FORM 2707

Sections and Fields

DA FORM 2707 is structured to capture detailed information about each dry cleaning item submitted by a patron. This includes sections for:

  • Item Description: Where the type of garment or item is listed.
  • Quantity: Number of each type of item being submitted.
  • Rate: Cost per item, reflecting the piece-rate pricing structure.
  • Total Cost: Automatically calculated field to summarize the cost for each line item.

Accessibility and Distribution

As per its distribution restriction code “A,” DA FORM 2707 is approved for public release, and its distribution is unlimited. This ensures that anyone who needs to use the form can access it easily, often in electronic format as indicated by the footnote stating that it is “produced only in electronic media.”

How to Use DA FORM 2707 Effectively

For Military Personnel and Civilians

Individuals looking to submit their items for dry cleaning through military services will find DA FORM 2707 indispensable. It is important to fill out the form accurately to ensure that all items are correctly accounted for and returned in a timely manner. Patrons should:

  • Accurately describe each item to avoid any confusion.
  • Verify the quantity and rates before submitting the form.
  • Keep a copy of the form for their records until all items are returned.

In Administrative Contexts

For those managing dry cleaning services within military installations, DA FORM 2707 helps in maintaining an organized system. It allows for:

  • Efficient tracking of incoming and outgoing items.
  • Easy verification of charges applied to different accounts.
  • Streamlined operations and minimized discrepancies in item handling.


DA FORM 2707 – Dry Cleaning List (For Piece Rate Patrons) is an essential document for anyone involved with military dry cleaning services. Its well-structured format and clear distribution guidelines ensure that it is both easy to use and effective in managing the dry cleaning needs of the U.S. Army and authorized civilian patrons. By familiarizing yourself with this form, you can ensure that your dry cleaning transactions are handled proficiently and without error.

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