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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 268 Fillable – Army Pubs 268 PDF – In the sphere of military administration, the DA FORM 268 plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and discipline within the ranks. Officially titled Report to Suspend Favorable Personnel Actions (FLAG), this form is an essential document for leaders and personnel managers in the U.S. Army. This article provides a comprehensive overview of DA FORM 268, its purpose, usage, and significance in military operations.

DA FORM 268 – Report To Suspend Favorable Personnel Actions (FLAG)

Form Number DA Form 268
Form Title Report To Suspend Favorable Personnel Actions (FLAG)
Form Date 04/1/2021
Form Proponent G-1

What is DA FORM 268?

Overview and Purpose

DA FORM 268 is designed to suspend favorable personnel actions, or “Flags,” for military personnel. This suspension typically occurs due to various circumstances that may question a soldier’s reliability or suitability for certain privileges. The form serves as a formal mechanism to ensure that personnel undergoing investigation or corrective actions do not receive favorable treatment until their issues are resolved.

Historical Context and Recent Updates

The most recent update to DA FORM 268 was on April 1, 2021. This version superseded the previous form dated May 1, 2016, reflecting the evolving needs and regulations within military governance. The form is governed by AR 600-8-2 and is crucial for maintaining discipline and accountability within the ranks.

Key Features of DA FORM 268

Sections and Content

DA FORM 268 is structured to capture all necessary details about the suspension of favorable actions. It includes sections for identifying the soldier involved, the type of FLAG being reported, the reason for the FLAG, and the authority under which the FLAG is initiated. This structured approach ensures that all relevant information is clearly documented and easy to review.

Accessibility and Distribution

The form is classified as UNCLASSIFIED and is approved for public release, meaning it can be accessed and distributed without restriction. This transparency supports a uniform approach to handling personnel issues across various commands and units.

How to Use DA FORM 268

When to Use

The use of DA FORM 268 is appropriate when a soldier has been identified as requiring investigation or corrective action that could impact their current standing or future career progression. Common reasons for issuing a FLAG include security violations, misconduct, adverse actions, or any other event that warrants a temporary suspension of favorable personnel actions.

Process and Procedures

Initiating a FLAG through DA FORM 268 involves several steps:

  1. Identification of the issue and the responsible authority.
  2. Completion of the form with detailed documentation of the situation.
  3. Submission through the appropriate military channels for further action and review.

Implications of Being Flagged

Impact on Personnel

Being flagged on DA FORM 268 has significant implications for military personnel. It suspends any favorable actions such as promotions, reassignments, or any privileges that might have been due until the FLAG is resolved or lifted. This serves as a preventive measure to ensure only those fully compliant with military standards are awarded benefits.

Resolution and Removal

A FLAG is not permanent and can be removed once the underlying issues are addressed. The resolution process must be thorough, ensuring the individual meets all required standards and regulations before favorable actions can be reinstated.


DA FORM 268 is a vital tool in the U.S. Army’s administrative arsenal, ensuring that the standards of conduct and performance are rigorously maintained. By suspending favorable personnel actions through a structured and formal process, the Army ensures that its members remain eligible for advancements and privileges only when they fully meet their obligations and responsibilities.

This form not only upholds discipline but also supports fairness in how personnel issues are managed, ensuring every case is given the appropriate attention and action it warrants. For anyone involved in military personnel management, understanding and correctly implementing DA FORM 268 is essential for maintaining the integrity of military operations.

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