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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 2673-R Fillable – Army Pubs 2673-R PDF – The DA FORM 2673-R, officially titled Classification Questionnaire for Enlisted Retained Personnel (LRA), is a critical document used by the United States Army. This form plays a significant role in the management and classification of enlisted personnel retained beyond their service due to specific requirements under the Long Range Assignment (LRA) policy. This article aims to provide comprehensive insights into DA FORM 2673-R, ensuring that military personnel and related officials can effectively utilize this form in their operations.

DA FORM 2673-R – Classification Questionnaire For Enlisted Retained Personnel (LRA)

Form Number DA Form 2673-R
Form Title Classification Questionnaire For Enlisted Retained Personnel (LRA)
Form Date 05/01/1982
Form Proponent PMG

Overview of DA FORM 2673-R

Key Information and Usage

DA FORM 2673-R was first introduced on May 1, 1982, and remains an active form used within the military to assess and classify retained enlisted personnel. As a document prescribed by AR 190-8, it assists military administrators in systematically evaluating the qualifications and roles suitable for personnel under the LRA initiative.

Accessibility and Distribution

The form is classified as UNCLASSIFIED, making it accessible for public release. It bears the Distinction Restriction Code A, which signifies that its distribution is unlimited, thereby facilitating broad accessibility within the military and to authorized external entities.

Detailed Breakdown of DA FORM 2673-R

Structure and Content

The DA FORM 2673-R is designed to collect comprehensive information about enlisted personnel, which includes their service history, skills, qualifications, and other relevant data that influence decisions regarding their retention and classification. This ensures that each individual is assigned roles that align with their expertise and the needs of the military.

Importance of Accurate Information

It is crucial for the respondents to provide accurate and thorough information on the questionnaire. The data collected impacts strategic decisions and aligns personnel management with operational requirements and individual career development within the armed forces.

How to Complete and Utilize DA FORM 2673-R

Completing the Form

Filling out DA FORM 2673-R requires attention to detail and an understanding of one’s military career and specialties. Personnel are advised to consult with their superior officers or administrative departments if they encounter uncertainties while completing the form.

Utilization in Military Operations

The completed forms are utilized by military HR departments to make informed decisions about personnel retention, reassignment, and role allocation under the LRA policy. This structured approach aids in optimizing personnel resources and enhancing the efficiency of military operations.


DA FORM 2673-R serves as a foundational tool in the strategic management and classification of enlisted personnel retained under special circumstances. Its comprehensive approach ensures that the skills and experiences of military personnel are effectively aligned with the operational needs of the U.S. Army. By meticulously completing this form, personnel contribute to the precision and effectiveness of military human resource management.

For further information or to download DA FORM 2673-R, military personnel and involved parties should refer to the official military publications and directives or visit their respective HR departments. This will ensure compliance with the latest guidelines and the accurate application of the form in their professional activities.

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