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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 2669 Fillable – Army Pubs 2669 PDF – The DA FORM 2669 – Certificate of Death is a crucial document used by the U.S. Army to formally record the deaths of military personnel. This guide provides an in-depth look at the DA FORM 2669, exploring its purpose, usage, and significance in military procedures. By understanding this form, individuals and professionals can better navigate the complexities associated with the administrative aspects of recording and confirming death within military contexts.

DA FORM 2669 – Certificate Of Death

Form Number DA Form 2669
Form Title Certificate Of Death
Form Date 12/01/2004
Form Proponent PMG

What is DA FORM 2669?

Overview and Significance

DA FORM 2669, officially titled “Certificate of Death,” is a standardized document used by the U.S. Army to certify the death of service members. Established on December 1, 2004, the form is a sensitive document and is only produced in electronic media due to its nature and the importance of maintaining accurate records.

Authority and Distribution

The form is governed under the authority of the Provost Marshal General (PMG) and is prescribed by AR 190-8. It holds an UNCLASSIFIED security classification but is tagged as sensitive, indicating its importance in military documentation. The distribution of this form is approved for public release, and there are no restrictions on its distribution, meaning it can be accessed and utilized widely within authorized contexts.

Key Components of DA FORM 2669

Information Captured

The DA FORM 2669 is designed to capture all essential details relevant to the deceased individual, ensuring a comprehensive record. This includes:

  • Personal Identification: Details about the deceased, including name, rank, and service number.
  • Date and Place of Death: Accurate recording of where and when the death occurred, which is critical for official records.
  • Cause of Death: Medical and official cause of death, as determined by competent authorities.
  • Witnesses and Official Signatures: Signatures of witnesses and military officials who attest to the accuracy of the information provided.

Importance in Military Procedures

This form is pivotal for maintaining transparent and accurate records of deaths within military operations. It aids in the process of notifying families, arranging military honors, and ensuring that all due benefits are processed correctly for the deceased’s next of kin.

Utilizing DA FORM 2669

Who Uses It?

DA FORM 2669 is used by military personnel responsible for handling and recording deaths among service members. This typically includes military officials in administrative roles, medical officers, and commanders at various levels.

Steps for Completion and Submission

Completing DA FORM 2669 requires meticulous attention to detail to ensure that all information is accurate and thoroughly verified. The form must be filled out electronically and submitted through proper military channels, which ensures the integrity and confidentiality of the sensitive information it contains.


DA FORM 2669 – Certificate of Death plays a vital role in the administrative landscape of military operations. It not only provides a formal and official record of a service member’s death but also ensures that all procedural steps are followed in the aftermath of a death, including notifications and benefits processing. Understanding and correctly utilizing this form is essential for those involved in the administrative aspects of military service, ensuring dignity and respect for the deceased and their families.

By incorporating the DA FORM 2669 into military documentation practices, the U.S. Army upholds its commitment to accuracy, transparency, and respect in handling the sensitive matter of service members’ deaths.

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