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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 2408-4-2 Fillable – Army Pubs 2408-4-2 PDFDA FORM 2408-4-2, also known as Weapon Sighting Data (OH-58D), is a crucial document used by the U.S. Army for managing and recording the sighting data of weapons on the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior helicopter. This article provides a detailed overview of DA FORM 2408-4-2, highlighting its importance, usage, and relevance in military operations. With a focus on helping professionals in the military and defense sectors understand how to effectively use this form, the guide integrates SEO best practices to enhance accessibility and comprehension.

DA FORM 2408-4-2 – Weapon Sighting Data (OH-58D)

Form Number DA Form 2408-4-2
Form Title Weapon Sighting Data (OH-58D)
Form Date 10/01/1997
Form Proponent G-4

Understanding DA FORM 2408-4-2

Overview of the Form

DA FORM 2408-4-2 was issued on October 1, 1997, with the primary purpose of recording and managing weapon sighting data specific to the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior. The form is actively maintained by the G-4 (logistics) proponent and falls under the directives prescribed by PAM 738-751. It is essential for ensuring the accuracy and effectiveness of the helicopter’s weapon systems during missions.

Key Features and Content

The form is distinguished by its detailed structure, designed to meticulously document various parameters critical to weapon accuracy. These parameters include alignment data, calibration settings, and environmental adjustments. The comprehensive nature of this document ensures that all sighting data is accurately recorded and easy to retrieve, which is vital for operational success and safety.

Importance of DA FORM 2408-4-2 in Military Operations

Ensuring Accuracy and Reliability

DA FORM 2408-4-2 plays a pivotal role in maintaining the operational readiness of the OH-58D’s weapon systems. By providing a structured format for recording sighting data, the form helps in ensuring that the weapons are accurately aligned and calibrated, which is critical for the success of military operations.

Compliance and Standardization

Using DA FORM 2408-4-2 ensures compliance with military standards and procedures, promoting consistency across various units and operations. This standardization is crucial for maintaining the integrity and reliability of data, which in turn, supports strategic and tactical decision-making processes.

Access and Distribution

Electronic Media and Accessibility

As per the form’s footnote, DA FORM 2408-4-2 is only produced in electronic media, which facilitates ease of distribution and accessibility. The document is classified as UNCLASSIFIED and has a distribution restriction code of A, meaning it is approved for public release and distribution is unlimited. This wide accessibility supports transparency and widespread use within authorized personnel and entities.

Utilizing the Form

For military personnel involved in the operation or maintenance of the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior, accessing and filling out the DA FORM 2408-4-2 is straightforward due to its electronic format. Personnel can fill in the required data directly into the electronic system, which allows for real-time updates and adjustments based on mission requirements and environmental factors.


DA FORM 2408-4-2 – Weapon Sighting Data (OH-58D) is an essential tool in the arsenal of the U.S. Army, ensuring the precision and effectiveness of the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior’s weapons systems. Its detailed framework, combined with the ease of access and compliance with military standards, makes it indispensable for achieving mission success and operational excellence. By maintaining accurate and standardized weapon sighting data, DA FORM 2408-4-2 helps safeguard the lives of soldiers and enhances the overall effectiveness of military operations.

Professionals looking to utilize or understand DA FORM 2408-4-2 should consider its critical role in maintaining high standards of weapon performance and reliability, making it a cornerstone document in military logistical processes.

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