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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 2408-33 Fillable – Army Pubs 2408-33 PDF – The DA Form 2408-33, also known as the Meter Tracked Component Record, is a critical document used within the United States Army. It plays an essential role in tracking the usage and maintenance of various components that have meter readings associated with them. This form ensures that all metered components are adequately monitored and maintained, contributing to the optimal performance and longevity of military equipment.

DA FORM 2408-33 – Meter Tracked Component Record

Form Number DA Form 2408-33
Form Title Meter Tracked Component Record
Form Date 03/01/2014
Form Proponent G-4

What is DA Form 2408-33?

The DA Form 2408-33 is a standardized form used by the U.S. Army to record and manage meter readings for tracked components. Initiated on March 1, 2014, it serves as a vital tool in the maintenance management system, prescribed by PAM 738-751.

Purpose of the Form

The primary purpose of the DA Form 2408-33 is to keep a detailed record of each component’s usage that is measured by a meter, such as engine hours or miles driven. This information is crucial for planning maintenance schedules, predicting component life spans, and ensuring the reliability of equipment in field operations.

Who Uses DA Form 2408-33?

This form is predominantly used by maintenance personnel and unit commanders within the Army. It helps them track the status and health of key components, ensuring that all parts are functioning within their expected service parameters and are replaced or maintained before failure occurs.

Key Features of DA Form 2408-33

DA Form 2408-33 includes several key features that facilitate effective maintenance tracking:

  • Component Identification: Each record clearly identifies the component, along with its serial number and installation date.
  • Meter Readings: The form records detailed meter readings at regular intervals, providing a clear history of component usage.
  • Maintenance Annotations: Users can note any maintenance actions taken, including the date and nature of the work, which is crucial for future reference and accountability.

Security and Accessibility

The form is UNCLASSIFIED and has a Distribution Restriction Code A, which means it is approved for public release and its distribution is unlimited. This accessibility ensures that all relevant personnel can utilize the form without dealing with cumbersome security restrictions.

Importance of DA Form 2408-33 in Maintenance Management

The DA Form 2408-33 is an indispensable part of the Army’s maintenance management framework. It allows for precise tracking of component wear and tear, facilitating timely maintenance actions that prevent equipment failures and extend the life of valuable military assets.

Impact on Operational Readiness

By ensuring that all components are regularly checked and maintained, the DA Form 2408-33 helps maintain high levels of operational readiness. This readiness is crucial for the success of military operations, where equipment reliability can directly impact mission outcomes.

Integration with Other Maintenance Records

The form is designed to work seamlessly with other records in the Army’s maintenance management system. It complements forms like the DA Form 2404 (Equipment Inspection and Maintenance Worksheet) by providing a detailed meter-specific component history, which is vital for comprehensive maintenance planning.


The DA Form 2408-33 – Meter Tracked Component Record is a fundamental tool in the U.S. Army’s approach to maintenance management. By meticulously tracking the usage of metered components, the form plays a pivotal role in enhancing the longevity and reliability of military equipment, ultimately supporting the overarching goal of operational effectiveness and readiness. Its structured format and detailed record-keeping capabilities make it an essential asset for any military maintenance operation.

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