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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 2408-16-1 Fillable – Army Pubs 2408-16-1 PDFDA FORM 2408-16-1, also known as the History Recorder, Component, Module Record, is an essential document used within the United States Army. Created on October 1, 1991, this form serves as a critical tool in the management and tracking of components and modules across various military equipments. Its importance lies in its ability to maintain a detailed and accurate history of significant events affecting the readiness and functionality of key equipment.

DA FORM 2408-16-1 – History Recorder, Component, Module Record

Form Number DA Form 2408-16-1
Form Title History Recorder, Component, Module Record
Form Date 10/01/1991
Form Proponent G-4

Purpose of DA FORM 2408-16-1

The primary function of DA FORM 2408-16-1 is to record and track the history of components, subcomponents, and modules that are part of the Army’s equipment. This form is critical for:

  • Ensuring Operational Readiness: It helps in tracking the performance and maintenance needs of various equipment, which in turn ensures that they are always ready for deployment.
  • Lifecycle Management: By maintaining a complete history, the Army can make informed decisions about equipment upgrades, replacements, and decommissioning.

Key Features of the Form

Comprehensive Record Keeping

The DA FORM 2408-16-1 is structured to provide comprehensive details about each component or module. This includes information on installation, maintenance, repairs, and any modifications or inspections that have occurred. This thorough record-keeping is vital for maintaining the operational integrity and longevity of military assets.

Accessibility and Distribution

With a distribution restriction code of A (Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited), this form is readily accessible and can be distributed without restriction. This ensures that necessary personnel can access the information whenever needed without encountering bureaucratic delays.

How to Use DA FORM 2408-16-1

Using DA FORM 2408-16-1 effectively requires understanding its layout and the type of information it is designed to capture. The form should be filled out by qualified personnel who are knowledgeable about the equipment and its components. Proper entries should include:

  • Date of each event: Recording the exact dates when components are installed, inspected, or repaired.
  • Details of the event: Describing what was done during each event, including any replacements or adjustments made.
  • Personnel involved: Logging who performed the work and who verified it, ensuring accountability and traceability.

Importance in Maintenance Cycles

DA FORM 2408-16-1 plays a crucial role in the maintenance cycles of military equipment. It helps maintenance crews determine when a piece of equipment requires inspection, routine maintenance, or complete overhaul. By keeping an updated and accurate record, potential issues can be addressed before they escalate into critical failures.

Compliance and Regulatory Framework

The use of DA FORM 2408-16-1 is governed by PAM 738-751, which prescribes how and when the form should be used within the Army’s logistical operations. Adhering to these guidelines ensures that all records are kept in a standardized manner, facilitating easier management and retrieval of information.


DA FORM 2408-16-1 is a fundamental component of the Army’s management system, providing a meticulous record of the lifecycle of vital military components. Its role in enhancing operational readiness, supporting lifecycle management, and ensuring the efficient use of military assets cannot be overstated. For anyone involved in military logistics and maintenance, understanding and utilizing this form is essential for the success of their operations.

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