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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 2385 Fillable – Army Pubs 2385 PDF – When it comes to honoring the memory of deceased military personnel, the Temporary Grave/Niche Marker, officially designated as DA FORM 2385, plays a crucial role. This form is utilized to mark the temporary resting places of soldiers until a permanent marker can be established. This article provides an in-depth look at DA FORM 2385, exploring its purpose, usage, and importance within military protocols.

DA FORM 2385 – Temporary Grave/Niche Marker

Form Number DA Form 2385
Form Title Temporary Grave/Niche Marker
Form Date 10/01/2020
Form Proponent OAC

What is DA FORM 2385?


DA FORM 2385 is a standardized document used by the United States Army to mark temporary graves or niches for deceased personnel. The form was most recently updated on October 1, 2020, replacing the earlier version from June 1, 1982. As an active form approved for public release, DA FORM 2385 ensures that even in temporary circumstances, the deceased are accorded the respect and honor they deserve.

Purpose and Significance

The primary purpose of DA FORM 2385 is to provide a dignified and identifiable marker for the graves or niches of soldiers awaiting permanent memorialization. This form not only helps in maintaining the sanctity of the site but also assists in the logistical aspects of cemetery management. Using such markers underscores the military’s commitment to honoring its fallen members with perpetual remembrance.

Usage of DA FORM 2385

Implementation Protocol

DA FORM 2385 is prescribed under PAM 290-5, which outlines the procedures for cemetery and memorial affairs within the military. The form’s usage is straightforward: it is placed at the head of a grave or on a niche for cremated remains. It remains there until replaced by a permanent marker, typically within a stipulated timeframe as per military regulations.

Distribution and Accessibility

The form’s distribution is unrestricted, denoting its classification as “UNCLASSIFIED” and suitability for public release. This accessibility ensures that the processes involving temporary grave markers are transparent and standardized across all military funeral and cemetery services.

Importance of Accurate and Respectful Use

Ensuring Dignity in Remembrance

The respectful use of DA FORM 2385 is vital in maintaining the dignity of the temporary memorial sites. It serves as a physical reminder of the service and sacrifice of the deceased, providing a focal point for mourning and remembrance by families and comrades.

Administrative and Emotional Roles

Administratively, the form helps in the efficient management of military cemeteries, ensuring that each site is correctly marked and recorded. Emotionally, it offers solace to the bereaved, affirming that their loved ones are honored even in temporary conditions until a lasting tribute is established.


DA FORM 2385, the Temporary Grave/Niche Marker, is more than just a form; it is a testament to the enduring respect and honor bestowed upon military personnel who have passed away. By ensuring that temporary sites are marked with dignity, the military upholds its duty of care and remembrance, bridging the gap between temporary and permanent memorials. This form remains a crucial element in the solemn rituals that commemorate military service and sacrifice.

For individuals involved in military funeral services or cemetery management, understanding and utilizing DA FORM 2385 effectively is essential. It ensures that every soldier’s final resting place is treated with the utmost respect and care, awaiting the day a permanent marker can fully articulate their valued service and ultimate sacrifice.

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