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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 2258 Fillable – Army Pubs 2258 PDF – In the world of military and governmental logistics, maintaining the longevity and readiness of vehicles and equipment is paramount. DA Form 2258, officially titled “Depreservation Guide for Vehicles and Equipment”, serves as a crucial tool in this regard. This guide provides detailed instructions and protocols for the depreservation of various types of vehicles and equipment, ensuring they are ready for use after storage or transport. This article delves into the importance, usage, and detailed aspects of DA Form 2258, providing a valuable resource for military personnel and contractors involved in equipment maintenance and logistics.

DA FORM 2258 – Depreservation Guide For Vehicles and Equipment

Form Number DA Form 2258
Form Title Depreservation Guide For Vehicles and Equipment
Form Date 05/1/1971
Form Proponent AMC

What is DA Form 2258?

DA Form 2258 was first issued on May 1, 1971, by the Army Materiel Command (AMC). It remains an active document that is essential for the depreservation processes. As an unclassified document with Distribution Restriction Code A, it is approved for public release and its distribution is unlimited, making it readily accessible for those who need it.

Key Features of DA Form 2258

The form is designed to guide the user through the comprehensive steps required to ensure that vehicles and equipment are not only preserved during periods of inactivity but also correctly returned to operational status. It includes checklists and procedures tailored to different types of equipment, which helps prevent damage and extend the service life of critical assets.

Importance of Depreservation

Depreservation is vital for maintaining the operational readiness of equipment that has been in prolonged storage or transit. Without proper depreservation, vehicles and equipment can suffer from various issues like corrosion, fluid degradation, and mechanical failure. Implementing the guidelines from DA Form 2258 ensures that each piece of equipment is methodically checked and readied according to strict standards.

Why Use DA Form 2258?

Utilizing DA Form 2258 ensures consistency and thoroughness in the depreservation process. It acts as a standardized procedure that can be universally applied across various units and commands, facilitating a uniform approach to equipment maintenance.

How to Use DA Form 2258

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Identification of Equipment: First, identify the type of vehicle or equipment that needs depreservation. DA Form 2258 covers a wide range, so finding the specific guidelines relevant to the equipment is crucial.
  2. Follow the Checklist: Each section of the form contains a detailed checklist that must be meticulously followed to ensure all aspects of depreservation are covered.
  3. Documentation: As each step is completed, it should be documented directly on the form. This record-keeping is essential for accountability and future reference.

Benefits of Thorough Documentation

Keeping a detailed record of depreservation activities helps in maintaining the reliability and readiness of equipment. It also aids in identifying potential issues early, thus mitigating risks of operational failure.


DA Form 2258 is an indispensable resource for those involved in the maintenance and operation of military vehicles and equipment. By providing detailed instructions on how to properly bring equipment out of preservation, it ensures that all assets are maintained in peak condition and are ready to be deployed whenever necessary. Adhering to the procedures outlined in DA Form 2258 can significantly enhance the operational effectiveness of military operations, saving time and resources while promoting equipment longevity.

For professionals in the field, understanding and utilizing this form is not just about following protocol—it’s about ensuring the success and efficiency of every mission entrusted to them. Whether you’re a military logistician or a contractor working with government equipment, familiarizing yourself with DA Form 2258 is a critical step in mastering the art of equipment maintenance and deployment.

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