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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 2166-9-2 Fillable – Army Pubs 2166-9-2 PDF – DA FORM 2166-9-2 is an essential document used by the U.S. Army for the evaluation of non-commissioned officers (NCOs) within specific ranks. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the form, including its purpose, usage, and the guidelines for completing it effectively.

DA FORM 2166-9-2 – NCO Evaluation Report (SSG-1SG/MSG)

Form Number DA Form 2166-9-2
Form Title NCO Evaluation Report (SSG-1SG/MSG)
Form Date 11/1/2015
Form Proponent G-1

What is DA FORM 2166-9-2?

DA FORM 2166-9-2, titled NCO Evaluation Report (SSG-1SG/MSG), is a standardized form used by the United States Army to evaluate non-commissioned officers ranging from Staff Sergeants (SSG) to Master Sergeants (MSG). Introduced on November 1, 2015, this form serves as a crucial tool in assessing the performance and potential of NCOs in these ranks.

Purpose of the Form

The primary purpose of DA FORM 2166-9-2 is to provide a detailed record of an NCO’s performance and potential for future progression within the military hierarchy. This evaluation influences decisions related to promotions, assignments, and professional development opportunities.

Key Features of DA FORM 2166-9-2

Form Structure and Content

DA FORM 2166-9-2 is meticulously structured to capture a wide range of information about the NCO being evaluated. The form includes several sections that assess various aspects of military leadership, professionalism, and performance. Evaluators are required to provide detailed observations and ratings on these aspects.

Usage Guidelines

This form is prescribed by AR 623-3, which outlines the policies and procedures for NCO evaluations. It is important for evaluators to adhere strictly to these guidelines to ensure fair and accurate assessments. The form is available exclusively in electronic media, reflecting the Army’s move towards digital solutions.

Completing the DA FORM 2166-9-2

Understanding the Sections

Each section of the form is designed to focus on different attributes and responsibilities of the NCO. Evaluators must provide both quantitative ratings and qualitative comments, offering a balanced view of the NCO’s performance.

Tips for Effective Evaluation

  • Thoroughness: Ensure that all sections are completed comprehensively to provide a full picture of the NCO’s abilities.
  • Objectivity: Maintain an impartial perspective throughout the evaluation to ensure fairness.
  • Consistency: Use consistent criteria for evaluation to compare different NCOs effectively.

Impact of the Evaluation

On Career Progression

The outcomes of the evaluations recorded in DA FORM 2166-9-2 play a pivotal role in the career trajectory of NCOs. High performance ratings can lead to promotions and additional responsibilities, while lower ratings might indicate a need for further training and development.

On Professional Development

Feedback provided through the evaluation form helps NCOs identify areas for improvement and development. It acts as a guide for NCOs to enhance their skills and competencies necessary for higher responsibilities within the Army.


DA FORM 2166-9-2 is a critical tool in the U.S. Army’s effort to maintain a highly competent non-commissioned officer corps. By providing a standardized approach to evaluating the performance and potential of NCOs, the form plays a significant role in shaping the leadership of the military. It is imperative for those involved in the completion and review of this form to approach the process with the seriousness and diligence it warrants, ensuring that the Army continues to be led by the best and most capable individuals.

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