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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 2122-1 Fillable – Army Pubs 2122-1 PDF – DA FORM 2122-1, known as the Statement of Compliance, Transfer of Custody, and Interment Checklist, is a crucial document for professionals involved in the management and procedural oversight of military interments. This article provides an informative overview of the form, its purposes, and its application, ensuring compliance with military protocols and regulations.

DA FORM 2122-1 – Statement Of Compliance, Transfer Of Custody, And Interment Checklist

Form Number DA Form 2122-1
Form Title Statement Of Compliance, Transfer Of Custody, And Interment Checklist
Form Date 04/1/2022
Form Proponent OAC

What is DA FORM 2122-1?

DA FORM 2122-1 is a standardized document used by the U.S. Army to affirm compliance and manage the transfer of custody in the context of military interments. The form was last updated on April 1, 2022, replacing the previous version from October 1, 2020. As an active and unclassified form, it is widely accessible and approved for public release, ensuring that it can be distributed without restriction.

Key Components of DA FORM 2122-1

Statement of Compliance

The Statement of Compliance is a critical section of DA FORM 2122-1. It ensures that all actions taken regarding the custody and interment of military personnel comply with current regulations and standards set forth by military directives. This affirmation helps maintain the integrity and dignity of military interments.

Transfer of Custody

This section documents the handover process between parties, securing a chain of custody that is transparent and traceable. Proper documentation in the Transfer of Custody is essential for maintaining accountability and ensuring that all procedures are followed correctly.

Interment Checklist

The Interment Checklist provides a detailed list of steps and procedures to be followed during the interment process. This checklist is crucial for ensuring that no critical steps are overlooked during the interment of a service member, thus honoring their service and facilitating a dignified burial.

Importance of DA FORM 2122-1 in Military Protocols

DA FORM 2122-1 plays a pivotal role in upholding the standards and traditions of military funerals and interments. It ensures that all processes are carried out with the highest level of respect and adherence to protocol, which is crucial for honoring fallen service members and providing comfort to their families.

How to Use DA FORM 2122-1

Professionals involved in the planning and execution of military interments should familiarize themselves with the contents and requirements of DA FORM 2122-1. Here are a few steps to effectively utilize this form:

  1. Review and Understand: Before any interment process begins, it is crucial to thoroughly review and understand every component of the form.
  2. Complete Accurately: Fill out the form accurately, ensuring that all information is up-to-date and reflects the specifics of the interment process.
  3. Compliance Check: Use the checklist to verify compliance with all prescribed standards and regulations, as outlined in PAM 290-5, which prescribes the use of this form.
  4. Maintain Records: Keep a record of the completed form as part of the official documentation for future reference and accountability.


DA FORM 2122-1 is essential for ensuring that the interment of military personnel is conducted with the utmost respect and adherence to protocol. By providing a structured framework for compliance, transfer of custody, and interment procedures, this form plays a vital role in the dignified and honorable treatment of service members. Whether you are directly involved in military funeral arrangements or overseeing aspects of protocol compliance, understanding and correctly implementing DA FORM 2122-1 is fundamental to performing these duties responsibly and respectfully.

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