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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 2106 Fillable – Army Pubs 2106 PDF – The DA FORM 2106 is a crucial document used by the U.S. Army to manage refuse collection and disposal services effectively. This form is integral for maintaining cleanliness and environmental compliance within military installations. Below, we provide a comprehensive look at DA FORM 2106, highlighting its purpose, usage, and the regulatory framework under which it operates.

DA FORM 2106 – Special Provisions F(S) Refuse Collection And Disposal Service

Form Number DA Form 2106
Form Title Special Provisions F(S) Refuse Collection And Disposal Service
Form Date 03/1/2015
Form Proponent COE

What is DA FORM 2106?

DA FORM 2106, also titled “Special Provisions F(S) Refuse Collection and Disposal Service,” is a form prescribed by the Corps of Engineers (COE). It became effective on March 1, 2015, and is currently active. This form is designed to detail the specific provisions and requirements for refuse collection and disposal services, ensuring that all operations are conducted in accordance with environmental standards and Army regulations.

Purpose of DA FORM 2106

The primary purpose of DA FORM 2106 is to outline the special provisions and operational guidelines necessary for managing refuse collection and disposal services at U.S. Army facilities. These provisions help in ensuring that waste management processes are both efficient and compliant with environmental laws and Army regulations, such as AR 420-41.

Key Features of DA FORM 2106

Regulatory Framework

DA FORM 2106 operates under the authority of AR 420-41, which governs facilities engineering. This directive provides the necessary guidelines for infrastructure and environmental programs across Army installations, including waste management practices.

Format and Distribution

The form is marked by a Distribution Restriction Code of ‘A’, indicating that it is approved for public release and distribution is unlimited. It is important to note that DA FORM 2106 is only produced in electronic media, reflecting the Army’s move towards more digital and environmentally friendly practices.

Accessibility and Usage

As an UNCLASSIFIED document, DA FORM 2106 is accessible to a wide range of personnel within the Army as well as contractors who are involved in refuse collection and disposal services. This accessibility ensures that all parties are aware of the specific requirements and standards they must meet during their service contracts.

Importance of Compliance with DA FORM 2106

Environmental Impact

Following the guidelines set forth in DA FORM 2106 is crucial for minimizing the environmental impact of refuse disposal. Proper adherence to the form’s provisions ensures that waste is handled in a manner that prevents pollution and promotes sustainability within military operations.

Efficiency and Accountability

The form also plays a vital role in maintaining operational efficiency and accountability. By standardizing refuse collection and disposal processes, DA FORM 2106 helps prevent irregularities and ensures that services are performed to the Army’s standards.


DA FORM 2106 is an essential document for managing refuse collection and disposal services within the U.S. Army. It not only guides the military in adhering to environmental regulations but also ensures that waste management practices are carried out efficiently and responsibly. For individuals and contractors working with the U.S. Army, understanding and complying with the specifications of DA FORM 2106 is key to effective and compliant refuse disposal services.

For further details, individuals are encouraged to refer to the electronic version of the form, which provides comprehensive information on the specific provisions and guidelines for refuse collection and disposal at Army facilities.

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