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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 1970 Fillable – Army Pubs 1970 PDF – DA FORM 1970, officially titled the House Staff Evaluation Report, is a crucial document in the management and assessment of house staff within various U.S. Army medical facilities. This form serves as a standardized tool for evaluating the performance and professional development of house staff members. Understanding its purpose, usage, and the directives under which it operates can significantly enhance the efficiency of personnel evaluations in the medical branches of the military.

DA FORM 1970 – House Staff Evaluation Report

Form Number DA Form 1970
Form Title House Staff Evaluation Report
Form Date 05/1/2009
Form Proponent TSG

Overview of DA FORM 1970

DA FORM 1970 was first issued on May 1, 2009, and remains an active form used within the U.S. Army. It is a document prescribed by AR 351-3, which dictates the policies and procedures for training and professional development within the Army’s medical departments. The form is exclusively available in electronic media, reflecting modern practices in documentation and data management.

Key Features of DA FORM 1970

  • Publication/Form Number: DA FORM 1970
  • Title: House Staff Evaluation Report
  • Proponent: The Surgeon General (TSG)
  • Status: Active
  • Security Classification: Unclassified
  • Distribution Restriction: Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited

Purpose of the House Staff Evaluation Report

The primary purpose of the House Staff Evaluation Report is to provide a structured and objective method for assessing the performance of house staff. These evaluations are essential for:

  • Tracking Professional Growth: Monitoring the development of skills and competencies among medical staff.
  • Identifying Areas for Improvement: Highlighting specific areas where house staff may need additional training or support.
  • Enhancing Patient Care: Ensuring that staff are performing at levels that meet or exceed the standards necessary for high-quality patient care.

How to Use DA FORM 1970

Completing the Form

Filling out the DA FORM 1970 involves a detailed assessment of the house staff’s performance across various competencies and duties. Evaluators must be thorough in their review to provide accurate and useful feedback that can guide the future training and development of the staff.

Review and Feedback

After completion, the form should be reviewed with the evaluated staff member. This process not only helps in transparency but also encourages a constructive dialogue between the evaluator and the staff member about performance improvements and career progression.

Importance in Professional Settings

In professional military medical settings, the House Staff Evaluation Report is instrumental in maintaining high standards of care and operational efficiency. It aids in:

  • Standardizing Evaluations: Creating a uniform standard by which all house staff are evaluated, which promotes fairness and objectivity.
  • Supporting Decisions on Promotions and Assignments: Informing decisions regarding staff promotions and assignments based on documented performance.
  • Facilitating Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring compliance with medical standards and regulations within the military healthcare system.


DA FORM 1970 is more than just a bureaucratic necessity; it is a vital component in the professional development and assessment framework of the U.S. Army’s medical personnel. Proper understanding and utilization of this form ensure that the medical staff are competent, motivated, and aligned with the overarching goals of military medicine. For anyone involved in the management or supervision of house staff in a military healthcare facility, mastering this form is essential for fostering an environment of excellence and accountability.

This comprehensive approach to evaluating and managing house staff not only benefits the individuals involved but also enhances the overall effectiveness of military healthcare services, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes.

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