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DAFORMFILLABLE.COM | DA FORM 1713-2 Fillable – Army Pubs 1713-2 PDFDA FORM 1713-2, known as the Daily Water Production Log – 1,500 GPH TWPS, is an essential document used by the United States Army for monitoring and recording water production. This form plays a crucial role in ensuring the efficiency and accountability of water production activities, particularly through the Tactical Water Purification System (TWPS) capable of processing up to 1,500 gallons per hour. This article provides a detailed insight into DA FORM 1713-2, outlining its purpose, usage, and significance in military operations.

DA FORM 1713-2 – Daily Water Production LOG – 1,500 GPH TWPS

Form Number DA Form 1713-2
Form Title Daily Water Production LOG – 1,500 GPH TWPS
Form Date 09/1/2015
Form Proponent TRADOC

Understanding DA FORM 1713-2

Key Features and Specifications

DA FORM 1713-2 was first published on September 1, 2015, and remains an active form used by the Army. As a publication of the Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), the form adheres to the guidelines and protocols established in Army Techniques Publication (ATP) 4-44. The form is classified as unclassified and is approved for public release, ensuring that its distribution is unlimited and can be accessed by all relevant personnel.

Components of the Form

The Daily Water Production Log includes various sections designed to capture critical information about the water production process. These include:

  • Operational data: Time, location, and duration of operations.
  • Output measurements: Volume of water produced, tested, and approved.
  • Quality checks: Results from water purity tests and any corrective actions taken.
  • Maintenance records: Details of any maintenance work performed on the TWPS during the log period.

Importance of DA FORM 1713-2 in Military Operations

Ensuring Water Supply Reliability

Water is a vital resource in military operations, not only for drinking but also for medical services, food preparation, and hygiene. The 1,500 GPH TWPS provides a substantial volume of potable water, essential in various operational scenarios, particularly in remote or arid locations. DA FORM 1713-2 helps track the performance and efficiency of water production, ensuring troops have adequate and safe water supplies.

Operational Accountability

DA FORM 1713-2 serves as a historical record of water production activities, offering insights into the operational capabilities and readiness of military units. It aids in the planning and allocation of resources, ensuring that water production is aligned with the needs of the mission.

How to Use DA FORM 1713-2

Filling Out the Form

Personnel responsible for operating the TWPS must be thoroughly trained in accurately completing DA FORM 1713-2. This includes understanding how to record data meticulously, perform regular checks, and note any irregularities or maintenance issues. Ensuring accurate and detailed entries helps maintain the integrity of the water supply system and supports effective decision-making.

Electronic Accessibility

According to the form’s footnote, DA FORM 1713-2 is primarily produced in electronic media, which facilitates easier distribution, filling, and archiving of the logs. The electronic format ensures that records are kept securely and can be accessed rapidly when needed.


DA FORM 1713-2 – Daily Water Production Log – 1,500 GPH TWPS is more than just a form; it is a critical tool that ensures the United States Army can sustain its operations through reliable and safe water production. By meticulously recording and monitoring every aspect of the water production process, this form helps maintain operational readiness and supports the health and well-being of soldiers in the field.

For those involved in the logistical and operational management of water resources in the military, understanding and utilizing DA FORM 1713-2 effectively is imperative. It not only contributes to operational efficiency but also upholds the standards of resource management critical to mission success.

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